Healthy environment educational organization as such as physical education

Factors of the environment of the education, affecting the conditions for the realization of health and physical education. The opportunities in the field of education of strength, endurance and dexterity in correlation with factors of health saving.

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Healthy environment educational organization as such as physical education

Physical education allows exert to effect health all subjects, included in the educational process, including and physical training teachers. Special attention in the modern education system is given to the initiatives to build up a due healthy environment in children's establishments. Organization of physical education in educational departments is the basis of health preservation. Healthy environment there are means of physical education. In organization healthy environment allocate quantitative and qualitative structural units and sensory information (as provided by I.I. Sokovnya-Semenova [8, p. 8 - 10]). Under the structural information in the problem of health savings should be understood to be able to maintain the body in a particular functional mode. Here important is preserving the physical condition, the absence of disease. Sensory information is the basis for aesthetic factors in the problem of preservation of health. The aesthetic factors should include such: shade selection of walls, mobile furniture, illumination educational space, ergonomic items, ventilation mode, safety of substances in the Interior and in the handouts and didactic material.

The aim There is in the creation of psychological and pedagogical conditions for lifting stress voltage in the learning process in educational organization.

When implementing healthy environment in the education the establishment be noted and valeology. Valeology is the science of disease prevention. Here an important healing received not be considered diseases and their prevention. The emphasis is on the creation of such conditions, which are aimed at seizing the opportunity of valeology. Important factors could include art therapy.

Graphic arts a real opportunity to transfer spiritual discomfort reflects on the social form of expression. A small child can draw a negative emotion is fear, oppression, hostility and destroy the image. Getting rid of the drawing, the child lives with unpleasant feelings [4, p. 26].

It is through the artistic images created by a child that its internal world may be understood. The problems of artistic image (including kinetic drawing) interpretation have been subject to studies by many national and foreign researchers including U. Ave-Lallemant, R. Berns, A.I. Zakharov, B.V. Zegarnik, S. Kaufman, N.A. Kursheva, G. Homentauskas and others. We would underline the following specifics in the artistic image creation processes that may be viewed as the most important for the actual mental state of the child being explored:

1. The artistic image creation process helps remove the natural nervous stresses the children are exposed to in the new knowledge and skills mastering process. The kinetic drawing activity largely «disinhibits» (the term offered by G. Homentauskas) the child's behaviour and helps establish a favourable communication environment for the teacher's relationship with a child.

2. In the process of kinetic drawing, the child records his/ her emotions with a pencil as demonstrated by the colours, shapes and images selected and drawn on paper. An adult watching the kinematic drawing process and communicating with the child finds out the concerns and fears of the child and his/ her actual mental condition.

3. Projective/ graphical tests based on the kinematic drawing exercises have been widely acknowledged as highly informative research tools as they may be applied to collect information about the child's family, his/her attitudes to him(her) self and surrounding people and his/her health.

4. Modern art-therapy gives the highest priority to the children's creative activity being encouraged. Kinetic drawing practices are often instinctively used to calm a child down. When engaged in the drawing process, the child forgets about stress and, among other things, he may destroy a drawing of a fearful image to clean up his/her mind of the disturbing impression or experience [7, p. 51].

Education always carries a stress. Physical education helps a person who receives education, get rid of stress. Reasonable physical activity on the body allows you to relieve stress. Therefore, healthy environment there are means of physical education. Healthy environment includes the ability to implement reasonable physical load. Need to make room a spacious, with good brightness, fill with fresh air, do high ceilings, where can I train hard physically. Spacious room offers a real opportunity for freedom of movement. This is important as preschoolers and teenagers and students. With a difference for preschoolers it is important to get a reasonable exercise. Teenager or student can specially visit the Simulator room. In the Simulator room has the necessary equipment for a reasonable physical exertion.

The next factor is the food. Balanced nutrition in educational Department has an important role in the preservation of health. Fresh, safe, tasty and nutritious food helps to get a quality education.

Another important factor we consider mode of work and leisure. Such a notion as the «active vacation» there are important for the education of children, teenagers and students.

Physical education is leisure, entertainment and recreation. Physical education strengthens the body: breathing, heart activity [5, p. 29]. Reasonable physical activity saturates the body with oxygen and helps brainwork, lets you know with a good quality, be able to wield and competencies.

Organization conditions for maintaining health, both students and teachers, starting as early as kindergarten and ending with the student society, allows you to provide an up-to-date approach to modern physical education and prepare to receive the subjective success (personal health) and to objective achievements, icon «ready to work and protection of the fatherland».

Creating conditions for health savings there are such innovations. Important factors of good health: food, day mode, dream, active and passive recreation. Health is not the absence of disease. Health is the psychological comfort and inner strength to resist bad factors Wednesday. Significant bad factor Wednesday there is stress in teaching. This factor is always there is the learning process.

The results of influence factors on Wednesday saving health in preschool children demonstrated in Fig.

Addiction health savings from factors Wednesday in preschool children (From 3 - 7 years)

Factor 1 - nutrition; factor 2 - day dream; factor 3 - psychological comfort.

As you can see in Figure 1 expresses dependence factors from age of children, the sample of preschool children.

There is value to human health at any age. For young children important physical factors - day mode, nutrition, day dream, shift fortunes rest and activity. When children grow and change, important there is a psychological factor - comfort in learning. Assume there is always stress, but there are health. Health is the ability to resist stress. Stress in teaching good wins a person's health. It is important to have good health for effective results. People with good health more efficiently works and learn.

Wednesday for health savings, you can better achieve results in sport. Sports important, there are more - there are studies, science, work, case, protecting the homeland, politics. Wednesday for health savings includes psychological comfort. The older man is more important to him psychological comfort. Therefore, art therapy, culture of interpersonal relationships, creativity classes, communication, social realization there are basic conditions healthy environment. Physical education harmonizes psychological and physical human mindset for resistance to stress in teaching.

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education health dexterity

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