Automobiles in human life

The history of the invention of the car. Its characteristics, structure and impact on modern society. Improving communication between people. Increasing the speed of the exchange of goods. The increase in accidents on the road, environmental pollution.

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Automobiles or cars are one of the most amazing discoveries of the 20th century.

They are thought to have completely changed modern society. They've had a huge impact on the way people live and work now. Automobiles or any other motor vehicles gave people the opportunity to move and travel faster. Using transport, people easily commute from one town to another to get to work.

The history of automobiles started in 1886, when German inventor Karl Benz invented a motorized wagon to replace ordinary, animal-drafted carriages. First modern car was introduced in 1908 by Henry Ford. Today, there are thousands of cars which meet every person's needs, from luxury types to practical and ergonomic ones. Apart from cars, people use public transportation for travel purposes, including trams, buses, mini vans, local trains, etc.

There are different opinions on automobiles and their impact. For example, some people think that they have improved our life, but some find them health dangerous and unnecessary.

Modern equivalent of cars is the bicycle. First of all, it doesn't have an engine and doesn't need fuel to move. This has made a bicycle the most eco-friendly vehicle. Secondly, bicycles are not noise pollutants and they don't block the roads.

Thirdly, riding a bicycle keeps people fit and in good shape. However, there are millions of people who would never abandon cars as they provide comfort and convenience. They don't depend on bad weather conditions, they let the passengers sit back and enjoy the ride, which was impossible in the 19th century when people relied on animals.

Some prominent people state that automobiles have improved the quality of life and economy in many countries.

For example, with the appearance of cars the rate at which goods and services are transacted significantly increased. Other than that, many jobs, involving road construction, have been created. Social life has also been improved. Thanks to cars, people can visit each other at any time and stay as long as they wish. Public transport has limited hours of work.

The economy is said to be improved due to reduced travel time and expenses. car communication environmental speed

The future of car technologies is vague, although there are some advances being developed. The manufacturers work on hybrid and fully autonomous cars at the moment. Hybrid cars use two or more sources to move.

Most commonly they are electric vehicles. Autonomous cars are driverless and they already exist in prototype.

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