Development of transport logistics in Ukraine

Transport as the leading branch of the economy, its main problems. The main objective of logistics in the field of transport. The development of transport logistics in Ukraine, its place and the chances of reaching the level of European countries.

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Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University (Ukraine)

Development of transport logistics in Ukraine

PhD Samoilenko A.O., Lysykhin O. G.

Transport as the leading branch of the economy ensures the functioning and development of the economic in the country. It is the fundamental basis of their interaction during economic development. The problems of the transport industry are exacerbated by enterprises - the main consumers of transport services, which are not able to provide sufficient traffic volumes, and therefore, the level of profitability, corresponding to modern needs. The main objective of logistics in the field of transportation is to eliminate disruptions in the case of continuous movement of goods and vehicles from the point of departure to the destination. Problems in transport are represented in the form of worn-out rolling stock: its underloads, imperfections of the cargo insurance system and vehicles and difficulties in organizing the interaction of several modes of transport.

The theme of transport logistics is most relevant, therefore, it is necessary to understand the level of its development, before making plans or strategies. The data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine show that the largest share in the implementation of the transit potential of the country has water (and sea) transportation - almost 67% and railroad - 11%. Transport logistics of Ukraine is at the level of youth, but in the future, it has good chances to reach the level of European countries [1]. transport logistics european

The development of transport logistics in Ukraine is one of the necessary conditions for further structural reorganization of the economy in the state, increasing the competitiveness of domestic goods and services in world markets and integrating the country into the system of international relations, which is dynamically developing. Great influence in the short term on the activities and development of transport, the formation of the Ukrainian transport market has such aspects:

- Strict requirements for emissions of motor vehicles.

- The processes of world political and economic globalization and, correspondingly, the globalization of transport systems and processes, the movement of goods flows between states, regions, continents.

- Wide introduction of the principles of transport logistics, built on the achievements of information technologies and world-class requirements, into the system of domestic transport services [2].

The development of transport logistics in Ukraine has differences in the development of the transport market and logistics services in the capital of Ukraine and its regions. This is often answered by the fact that Kiev still speaks for itself, but there are forecasts that the first capital of Ukraine will soon compete with the largest in terms of quantity and quality of employees [3]. Nevertheless, analyzing the activities of Ukrainian transport enterprises, it is possible to identify the main problems that are encountered throughout the country:

- Insufficient quality of transport services.

- Wear-out of rolling stock.

- Underloading of rolling stock.

- Imperfection of the cargo and vehicle insurance system.

- Difficulties in organizing the interaction of several modes of transport.

- Limited access by rail roads to many localities and to most of the final delivery points.

- Monopoly on rendering services for rail road delivery by the state company. It is very difficult to get the appropriate service and attitude to the client, as in any state structure [4].

- Complexity of registration and documentary support of transportations.

To summarize, it should be said that the need for a logistics business is proven even in a crisis: logistics operators have learned to optimize customers work with logistics companies. The next stage is an increase in the profitability of such business and its emergence into a phase of active investment. For this, it is necessary to fulfill the main tasks of transport organizations, namely:

- Reducing the cost of transportation and improving their quality.

- Reduction of delivery terms.

- Harmonious combination in the market of transport services of all types of modern transport, as well as their coordination in the case of multimodal transport.

- Creation of a common information space in the transport industry.

- It is necessary to develop documentation for interaction with railways, including transportation of universal containers by rail into a single information base for the movement process [5].

Therefore, the system of transport logistics of Ukraine is at the level of "youth development". Following certain rules, solving problems and overcoming existing problems, transport logistics in the future can compete with European systems.

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