• The breadth and depth of digital signal processing as one of the most powerful technologies. The most important concepts in statistics and probability. A variety of signal processing techniques. Properties and usage of convolution in several areas.

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  • Digital signal processing algorithms for nuclear particle spectroscopy. Algorithms for a digital shaping-filter amplifier, for a digital pile-up elimination scheme and for ballistic deficit correction were investigated using a high purity detector.

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  • Digital signatures: background and definitions. Cryptographic hardness assumptions and constructions based on general assumptions, signature schemes based on the (strong) RSA assumption. The random oracle model and full-domain hash (related) schemes.

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  • Digital watermarking schemes for multimedia authentication. A new public-key algorithm for watermarking of digital images. Geometric distortions correction using image moment in image watermarking. Active watermarking system: protection of digital media.

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  • Анализ комплекса мер для повышения позиций сайта в результатах выдачи поисковых систем по заранее отобранным запросам. Интернет реклама как быстрорастущий и перспективный российский канал коммуникации. Характеристика рынка мобильной рекламы в России.

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  • Factors affecting the intensity of wear of parts. Analysis of the disadvantages associated with the abrasive polishing of precision parts. The required properties of the electrolyte and the correct selection of the optimal composition for running.

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  • Permanent diplomatic missions - embassies, which are established in other countries. Relations between States as one of the earliest manifestations of international law. Characteristics of some of the privileges and immunities of consular officials.

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  • A direct digital frequency synthesizer in modern electronic devices. Criteria of reliability the communication systems. The most promising radio transmission system. Brief introduction of arithmetic operations in digital synthesizer radio signals.

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  • Preparation of the final compounds 3a-z pyrrole Pal-Knorr condensation of the starting amino compounds 1 and 2,5-dimethoxytetrahydrofuran (2) in acetic acid medium. The main analysis of the percent growth of leukemia cells for the most sensitive lines.

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  • A number of different techniques that people can use to hide information. The sound files and images that float about the network today. Measuring and encrypting information. Error correction and white noise. Analysis of hiding information in JPEG files.

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  • Disasters: fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Listening, reading and translate the text. Record and examination words. The use of the Past Continuous or the Past Simple. Correction false sentences in the text. Using hints to determine action.

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  • The sixties years 20th century was the Nabokov decade in American prose literature. The decade was ushered in by novel "Lolita" which was still on the New York Times Book Review’s bestseller list nearly a year and half after its American publication.

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  • Discourse markers: a teachers’ guide and toolkit. A way of using discourse markers in the classroom. Toolkit resources with the English Edu guide. Table cards for students to use a reference material. Discourse markers as essential learning tools.

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  • The textbook includes topics of discrete mathematics. Relations: binary relations, pictorial representatives of relations, inverse relation, functional relation. Mathematical logic: propositions and compound statements, basic laws of logical operations.

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  • Etiology and pathogenesis of acute postpartum metritis in cows and evaluating the complex treatment methods that are used at this pathology. Impact izatyzon, novocaine, ihtiola, estrofan, surfahon on biochemical and morphological parameters blood.

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  • A study of peripheral nuclear collisions at Fermi energies with transport models is presented. It is motivated by experiments devoted to studying of isotopic yields in the reactions 18-O on 9-Be and 181-Ta at E/A = 35 MeV measured at forward angles.

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  • Information on the spacing from the aircraft to the ground station. The peculiarity of the establishment of the position along the airway. The use of distance measuring equipment for aircraft maintenance. The circuit board and transponder pulses.

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  • The concept, essence and the use of Juggernaut, the characteristics and the role of metaphor in the extracts. The presence of metaphors and similes in the work of Robert Louis Stevenson's “Treasure Island”, the value of the use of stylistic devices.

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  • Using passive and participial, ligaments, objects, attributes, and other modifiers in the explanatory function. Neutral and book vocabulary. The use of proper names and titles. Accurate use of punctuation. The use of long periods with adventitious.

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  • The distribution of glycoproteins in the cells of the major salivary glands in early postnatal period after intrauterine antigen action. Changes in cells of the salivary glands, which is the basis for the development of inflammatory processes in them.

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