• Synthesis ferroelectric compounds Sr(B1/3Nb2/3)O3 by solid state reaction technique. Consideration of the correlation between the dielectric response and transport behavior. Emprovement dielectric material properties. Motion energy storage devices.

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  • The study of grammatical construction in the vocabulary of the English. Characteristics of lexical differences in American and British languages. Differences between voiced and voiceless consonants. A study of the evolution of the English language.

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  • History of American and British English origin. Similarities and differences between American and British English languages: Lexical and grammatical differences, pronunciation. Differences of British and American of B. Jones’s Diary by H. Fielding.

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  • Levels of teaching writing. The use of type specimens of the epistolary (letters, postcards, articles etc.) for the development of teenagers writing skills. Methods of generate writing ideas: brainstorming etc. Groups of exercises in teaching writing.

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  • Behavior of permutation entropy for the orders from 3 to 7 was shown for the electroencephalogram containing epileptiform activity. Time-entropy dependence for EEG with permutation entropy immediate increase after seizure onset for different orders.

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  • Research results of seed diversity of quality, field germination and seedling height of sweet sorghum. Agronomic growing conditions. It is established that the plants which have been grown up from seeds of large and average fraction have high viability.

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  • Developing new treatment methods of cows with ovary hypoplasia and studying their efficiency. Treatment methods of cows with ovary hypoplasia. Sex cycle indications in cows during 90 days of the experiment. Cow impregnation rate by group during 90 days.

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  • The manual contains definitions, formulas, theorems of the differential calculus of functions of one variable. Derivative and its geometrical and physical meaning. Applying differential to approximate calculations. Extremum of function, the quotient rule.

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  • The various physiological actions on the brain of melanocortin. The cloning of neural receptors. The effects of neuropeptides on the nervous system. Relationships of peptides derived from adrenocorticotropic hormone with cloned receptors in vitro.

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  • Theoretical principles and practical advice on the formation of reserves on active operations of banks, compensate for possible losses on credit operations. The differences between the National Bank Regulations providing for active transactions.

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  • The role of the teacher to enrich the vocabulary of students. Consideration of ways to learning a foreign language in the modern school. Main terms of teaching vocabulary, allowing the maximum to activate the work of students in learning new words.

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  • Analysis of the spectroscopic characteristics of interstellar matter. Relationship with the origin of the diffuse interstellar bands, consideration of the basic features. Meeting with relationships and comparison stars, particularities of the study.

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  • Spectral embedding and spectral clustering as common methods for non-linear dimensionality reduction and clustering of complex high dimensional datasets. Asymptotics of the diffusion distances and diffusion maps. Clustering of a mixture of gaussians.

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  • История создания консорциума, осуществляющего разработку цифровых аудиовизуальных систем. Специфика экспертной группы по мультимедиа и гипермедиа. Ратификация стандарта приложений кабельного модема. Передача данных по сети кабельного телевидения.

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  • Under current conditions telecommunication as the most rapidly-developing branch of engineering. Functional scheme digital commutation system for building communication networks. Distinctive features of hardware tools which are used in the system.

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  • Research and characterization of features of the method of information transfer using perfect binary arrays, which is based on their structural and correlation properties. Transmission of discrete digital messages by means of cyclic wideband signals.

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  • The breadth and depth of digital signal processing as one of the most powerful technologies. The most important concepts in statistics and probability. A variety of signal processing techniques. Properties and usage of convolution in several areas.

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  • Digital signal processing algorithms for nuclear particle spectroscopy. Algorithms for a digital shaping-filter amplifier, for a digital pile-up elimination scheme and for ballistic deficit correction were investigated using a high purity detector.

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  • Digital signatures: background and definitions. Cryptographic hardness assumptions and constructions based on general assumptions, signature schemes based on the (strong) RSA assumption. The random oracle model and full-domain hash (related) schemes.

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  • Digital watermarking schemes for multimedia authentication. A new public-key algorithm for watermarking of digital images. Geometric distortions correction using image moment in image watermarking. Active watermarking system: protection of digital media.

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