• World practice of using online banking, its benefits, potential risks and disadvantages. Review of the current state of online banking in Uzbekistan. Development of proposals on the need for further development of online banking practice in Uzbekistan.

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  • Overcoming consequences of the financial and economic crisis of 2008-2010. Problems of bank credit risk management. Quantitative and qualitative indicators of credit risk assessment of the various sectors of the economy. Loan portfolio optimization.

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  • The development of the innovative methods to assess the quality of the portfolio of banks. The analysis the dynamics of the credit activity of banks in Ukraine. Selection of the forecasting tools to allow reduce the risks of losses and increase profits.

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  • The study of international funds and banks created to assist States in financing economic development and secure loan payments. Analysis of the activities of the International Bank for Reconstruction and development and International Finance Corporation.

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  • Тhe history and practice of central banks and supervisory authorities in identifying systemically important financial institutions and measures on their regulation. New ways of preventing the systemic imbalances. The criteria for determining SIFI.

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  • The generalization of the international experience and principles of functioning of the social insurance against occupational hazards. Advantages and disadvantages of the various models proposed areas of social security reform the national model.

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  • How investors make decisions in conditions of risk in the stock markets. Whether the participants in the stock market act rationally. Theory of rational choice and theory of prospects. The behavior of private and professional players in the market.

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  • Огляд статей щодо IPO (публічне розміщення акцій на біржі) як одного з головних альтернативних фінансових інструментів на українському фондовому ринку: сутність поняття публічного розміщення цінних паперів, особливості, етапи та цілі його проведення.

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  • The banking system and its impact on financial stability and strength of the state economy. The emergence, characteristics and development of Islamic financial system, a description of the main principles of its functioning. The essence of Islamic banking

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  • The banking system is a key element of the financial system. Factors affecting the stability of the Russian banking system. The role of the probability of default in the process of risk management. The rating of banks based on their likelihood of default.

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  • Development of the method of express-analysis of the organization's solvency. The adoption of a principled decision regarding the possibility of granting a loan to an organization in the conditions of economic transformation on the example of Kazakhstan.

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  • Key monetary policy tools and objectives. The European Central Bank key policy tools and procedures. Ordered response models. Cross-nested ordered probit: econometric setup and performance evidence. The rotating schemes. Google data performance.

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  • Analysis of the status quo of the responses of the central bank of Sweden - Riksbank. A study of the zero interest rate. The decision-making process, description and results of main researches. Data collection and construction the model specification.

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  • Analysis of key documents of Basel Committee which concern operational risk governance and identifies the interconnectedness between risk source, type of the event leading to losses. The comparative characteristic of the main operational risk governance.

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  • The structure of Payment system of Russia and special place of banks there. The basic participants of payment system of Bank of Russia and preferences of its using. The Realization of electronic calculations. The parity of the non-cash payments.

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  • Study the nature, structure, stages of formation of the credit system. Determination of the functioning of commercial banks and their impact on the development of a credit system of Ukraine in conditions of market transformation of the national economy.

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  • The insurance for staff with higher contributions to EPF followed by medical benefits for dependents. Contrast in the value of education and development between the corporate sector and teaching profession. Evaluate the productivity of the organizations.

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  • Понятие и сущность POS-кредитования как направления розничного бизнеса банков. Необходимые документы и этапы оформления POS-кредитования, особенности договора POS-кредитования. Партнерство Сбербанка России и Cetelem. Рынок потребительского кредитования.

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  • Страхування як важливий атрибут ринкових відносин. Внесок вчених-економістів у розкриття питання місця страхування у розвиток підприємницької діяльності. Корпоративна програма страхування та її популярність в Україні. Розвиток страхового ринку в країні.

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  • Ways to improve stock volatility prediction with prediction of size and density of price jumps for some stocks. Finding of several models those predicted jumps better than historical mean. The best parameter for jump quantity prediction is term spread.

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