• Fabrication of reinforcement cages as one of the main technological operations of construction of buildings. The analysis of prospects of use of threaded connections of reinforcing bars as the most technologically advanced and cost-effective way.

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  • Familiarization with the history of creation of the Plaza Mayor which was built during Philip III's reign and is a central plaza in the city of Madrid in Spain. Learning architecture of the museum del Prado, financial district AZCA, Almudena cathedral.

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  • History of creation a house-lock. Burst out laughing at the centre of Moscow. Analysis of architectural styles and interiors. Building evaluation by his contemporaries. The use of the Morozov’s mansion as the Reception House of the Russian Government.

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  • Investigation of the basic methods of calculating bearing capacity of reinforced concrete strengthened in different ways. The establishment features reception calculation data on the bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete beams designed building.

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  • Big Ben as a bell tower in London, part of the architectural complex of the Palace of Westminster. The mystery of the origin of its name. The construction of the tower project of the English architect Pugin O. in 1859. Interesting facts about Big Ben.

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  • Analysis of the effect of the washing liquid on the quality of cementation of the Deposit. The study of the grouting systems of microsilica – additives DBM-1 and DBM natural zeolite-2 and the effect of a mixture of cement and formation of microstructure.

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  • The use of iron oxide (III) as a ceramic pigment. Method of obtaining of pigment with the addition of lanthanum. The calcination temperature and results of thermal and colorimetric analyses, infrared and UV-visible spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction.

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  • Getting to know the peculiarities of the country style, analysis of the stages of appearance and development. General characteristics of the materials used to create a country style in the interior of the home: wooden beams, natural stone, brick.

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  • Discription of the structure of the bridge over the Morava river. Triangular stiffening girder. Pylon and transverse braces of the bridge. Cross-frame beam – spatial beam string structure. Steel supports of the stiffening girder. Scheme of the bridge.

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  • Технология строительства двухслойного асфальтобетонного покрытия. Подсчет объемов работ и потребности материалов для строительства дорожной одежды. Необходимые эксплуатационные качества дороги. Проектирование поперечного профиля земляного полотна.

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  • Характеристика конструкции тоннельной обделки и плана перехода. Условия транспортировки материалов на объект. Сущность привязки единичных расценок к местным условиям. Принципы определения транспортных расходов. Методы составления локальной сметы.

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  • The physicomechanical properties of mortar containing high volume fly ash (FA) as a replacement material of cement in presence of copolymer latexes. Synthesis and characterization of copolymer latexes. Compressive strength and workability of mortar.

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  • Consideration investigations of cement and sulfur concrete endurance, including concretes reinforced with glass fibre under the action of repeated load and variable humidity. Study of concrete different in structure, form and of a modified binder.

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  • Meeting with the history of Gothic architecture. Consideration of the characteristics of the characteristic features of Gothic. Characteristics of the Gothic cathedrals of France and England. Analysis of the European architecture of the XIX century.

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  • The Office for Metropolitan Architecture as an international practice, operating in the framework of tradition and urbanism. Familiarization with some of the most well-known projects by R. Koolhaas in France. Innovative design solution of an architect.

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  • Parliament or Westminster Palace clock tower. Big Ben - this beautiful Gothic building is the throne of the Queen and place the Lord Chancellor. Little China in Central London. National gallery - renowned collection of European painting XIII-XX centuries.

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  • History of construction and description of the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort complex of high density, located in Singapore, which includes hotel, conference centre, shopping centre, art science Museum, two theaters, six restaurants and a casino.

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  • Description the study of geosystem structure, development and functioning. Overview of the role and need for integrated landscape science. Overview of the modern technology for mapping of geosystems. Overview of landscape planning levels and modules.

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  • Study the creation of multimodal composite Portland cement with optimal filling of voids that are Sinergia combination of ultrafine mineral additives and superplasticizers. Definition of the relationship between microstructure and durability of cement.

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  • Chelsea club and chelsea world of sport. Serpentine gallery pavilion. The charioteer statue, archaeological museum of delphi and Hong Kong museum of coastal defence. Rooms at Royal academy, Burlington House and Greenwich. American community school.

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