• Consideration of the preparation of sorbents for adsorption of polymers on their surface. Their modification in solutions and the creation of composite materials, in particular polymer. Definition of disadvantages of adsorbents as sorbents for plastics.

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  • The most outstanding buildings of the Chinese People’s Republic for the last decade are observed. The contemporary projecting and construction techniques with the use of steel structures are analyzed for large-scale projects. Analyses of modem design.

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  • Definition concrete mixture composition with the additives of zeolitic tuff and superplasticizer was optimized by the method of mathematical planning of experiment. Study the basic methods to improve the strength of concrete at a later age hardening.

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  • Characteristics of study results colocating method dampfmuhlenweg parameters of vibration in the constructions with the addition of zeolite on the example of three models containing a modified binder in which the concrete was replaced with zeolite.

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  • The methods that were used and can be used to general static calculation of the monolithic concrete slabs, including cavity forming with inserts. Calculation of overlap with tubular inserts. Actual and calculated section slabs with tubular inserts.

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  • Analysis of the causes of the collapse of the Sampoong Department store building, which claimed more than 500 lives. Description of the violations committed during its construction and operation. The characteristic features of destruction structure.

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  • The legend of King Arthur. Construction of the monument ancient peoples for many years. Stonehenge - the ancient stone structure located on Salisbury Plain in southern England. Stonehenge as a technical feat, requiring commitment, time, a manual labor.

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  • Study of bearing capacity, cracking and deformability of reinforced and unreinforced slabs, made of non-autoclave foam concrete, which was tested on the bursting of the rigid stamp with a load of about 0.6 from the Ncr and limiting restaruant foam.

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  • Location of a private house in the suburbs, on the outskirts of a town or city or in villages. Flats is a large building. Features townhouse situated in the city center back to back. Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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  • Bricks - one of the oldest known building materials. Covering masonry plaster in the Renaissance period. Using of dried mud bricks in the Egypt. Studying of the current equipment used to manufacture bricks. Consideration of the types of masonry plaster.

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  • Revival as new outlook and new art style in Italy at the end of the XIV century. History style of the Renaissance in Italy. The features of interior decoration in the Renaissance style. Examples of the use of style in modern and historical architecture.

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  • History of the white Tower William the conqueror. The development of the construction. A refuge and a base for royal power. The Tower in Tudor Times. The restoration office of ordnance. The fortress to ancient monument the Tower in the XIX century.

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  • A giant Ferris wheel situated on the banks of the River Thames in the British capital. Westminster Abbey - a Gothic church in London, the traditional place of coronation and burial for English monarchs. The Tower of London. The University of Cambridge.

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  • Prestressed concrete as a building material, to overcome the inability of concrete to resist significant tensile stresses. Design of prestressed concrete and their characteristics. Operation and application of the principle of prestressed concrete.

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  • Floor of a building or roof as top design of the building. Flat roofs. Forms of attic roofs. Characteristics of a number of roofing materials used in construction. Types of roof bases, absorbing thermal and mechanical deformation of the base of the roof.

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  • The history of construction Sydney Opera House. The vaulted roof shells designed by Utzon in collaboration with internationally renowned engineers Ove Arup & Partners. The difficulties in construction. The originality of architecture. The Drama Theatre.

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  • Design of an Orthodox Church: history, tradition, and Canon – to the creative concept and embodiment. The basis of the Orthodox chemostate from the time of Kievan Rus to our days, ideology, symbolism and features of architectural and artistic imagery.

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  • Разработки Алексея Алексеевича Гвоздева в области теории железобетона, железобетонных конструкций и строительной механики. Создание Государственного института сооружений. Исследования, выполненные в области армирования железобетонных конструкций.

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  • Аналіз категорії "автентичність" і "достовірність" з точки зору методології архітектурної реставрації. Відновлення пам’ятки як твору мистецтва. Основний концепт реставрації, її "букву і дух". Проблема збереження архітектурно-містобудівної спадщини.

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  • Устройство и применение гравитационных реверсивных бетоносмесителей с грушевидным смесительным барабаном на базе автомобиля УРАЛ-Iveco 63685. Состав, характеристики, классы и свойства бетонной смеси. Производство и продажа бетона в Екатеринбурге.

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