• The use of satellite remote sensing data to build risk maps of air pollution. Definition of European countries and the North Sea regions with the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide. Analysis of concentration histograms of Donetsk, Brussels and Moscow.

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  • Contamination of atmosphere enterprises. Disappearance of the forests and violation of oxygen balance. Extinction of rare varieties of animals, birds, fishes, drying up of the rivers and lakes. Maintenance of life on a planet for future generations.

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  • Biofuels — the product of blending absolutized ethanol, gasoline and special anti-corrosion additive. Characterization of specific features of influence of groups of chemical fuel composition on operational and environmental properties of jet oils.

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  • The ecological survey of invasive species Amorpha fruticosa L. in the conditions of the Prisamarsky Biosphere Station (downstream of Samara River, Dnieper basin) and Dnieper-Orelsky Natural Reserve. Studying of wide ecological range of Amorpha species.

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  • The concept and types of pollution. The main sources of the origin of space debris. Measures to reduce the intensity of man-made space debris. The events that caused an increase in debris in orbit. Example designs of the main modules of space stations.

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  • Recommendations for technical solutions and volumes of transfer of municipal boiler-houses on solid fuel to save natural gas. The results of the monitoring of the air environment of cities in Western Europe and the study of the spectrum of pollutants.

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  • Environmental problems in the modern world. Environmental protection. The shortage of clean water. Industrial pollution. Lake Baikal is one of the worlds’ largest and most beautiful lakes. Rich variety of fish and plants. The problem of air pollution.

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  • Анализ видового разнообразия эвгленовых водорослей (Euglenophyta) на территории города Москвы и Московской области. Определение образцов водорослей в живом и фиксированном состоянии, их исследование с помощью светового и электронного микроскопов.

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  • The study of reasons of fire the substances. Resource managers and other conservationists structure. A fire adaptation and flammability. Behavior and dynamics of plants under different alternative fire regimes on the basis of their functional traits.

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  • The study of environmental problems in Nigeria: desertification and soil erosion. Forest degradation and loss of biodiversity in these areas. The study of effective ways of preserving forests. The influence of forests on the climate of the country.

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  • To determine the effect of ash from the biomass samples of the fruit, taking into account physiological features of spring oilseed rape. Chlorophyll content in the leaves of rapeseed. The use of microorganisms, their impact on the index of the leaf area.

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  • National regulatory and legal framework for environmental economics and various bylaws and regulations in the area of environmental protection and sustainable management of natural resources were analyzed in the article. Analysis of gaps caused progress.

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  • The organic approach to crop cultivation. Influence of rising food production with conventional or intensive methods on the environment. Soil degradation, water contamination, global warming and malnutrition is result of industrial agriculture methods.

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  • Familiarity with the current issues of organizational structure management socketname in terms of socio-economic changes in Ukraine. Characteristics of the problems and main stages of development of the state integrated environmental and economic policy.

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  • Basic articles about National natural parks and reservations and their role in the development of tourism. Characteristics of National parks and landscape-recreational parks of Ukraine. Formation of European and national ecological network of Ukraine.

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  • The role of rational use of natural resources for the productivity and attractiveness of nature and regulation of the economic exploitation of natural resources. Characteristics of types of natural resources, mineral, climatic, water, land resources.

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  • The influence of industrial enterprises and automobile emissions on the health and welfare of the citizens of Kazakhstan. prevention of oil spills in the ocean and the rules for its transportation, transmission of diseases through contaminated water.

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  • Ecological culture of the Ukrainian ethnos. The ecologically-centered tendency of Ukrainian literary studies. Memoirs, devoted to the accident in Chornobyl. Endeavor to cover in a works all the tragedy of the Chornobyl catastrophe to the full extent.

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  • Dynamic development of the market for the disposal of wastewater utilization and management, forced tightened legal requirements of environmental protection and energy efficiency, causes the necessity to use computer tools for their implementation.

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  • A separate CAD software to improve the design and effective collector of wastewater in the areas of distributed architecture. The dynamic development of the market removal and disposal of wastewater. Key requirements on environmental protection.

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