• Analysis how the level of sensing the climate changes affects the urgency of responding to the measures adaptive to climate variability among the farmers' association employees. Study of the results of nationwide survey within the farmers' associations.

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  • The assessing of the impact of post consumer waste sludge and mineral wool Grodanon the development track properties off-soil devastated in the borehole mining sulfur in forest management – the cultivation of Scots pine and birch. Phytometric experiments.

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  • Assessing the impact of the environment on activity of industrial producers. Analysis of factors that act as more important determinants influencing the company to take specific environmental strategy. The relevance of stakeholders' positive action.

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  • The relationship between economic growth and development and environmental degradation. The ecological sustainability of human settlements. Sustainable energy is the sustainable provision of energy that is clean and lasts for a long period of time.

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  • The maximum surfaces that can be processed with ablation without exceeding the acceptable concentrations of metals in the air. The necessity to conduct research into the harmful effect of the treatment process waste and to apply filtering systems.

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  • The urgency of the problem of protecting the atmosphere from stationary emissions in the coming years. The calculation of the hazard categories of energy production. The definition of emissions reduction techniques of gas power plants to the atmosphere.

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  • Ecology as a science of interaction of living organisms and their communities between themselves and with the environment. The discovery by scientists of environmental principles and laws. Modern stages of development of civilization of the subject.

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  • The sampling results of freshwater phytoplankton monthly during the two annual cycles at two stations of the River part of the Kanev reservoir within the Kiev city area. The seasonal distributions of phytoplankton and species taxonomic diversity.

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  • Features human impact of environmental regulation environment. Sanitary, environmental, scientific, technical standardization in the field of environment and natural resources. Object recognition valuation assessment of human impact on the environment.

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  • The dangers of flooding in almost all terrains. Overflow of the river the reasons leading to deluge. Flooding caused by snow melt in areas of abundant snow accumulation and large temperature changes. Increasing the speed of the melt due to rain.

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  • The analysis of the influence of methods for soilless forms reclamation using sewage sludge and waste mineral wool Grodan on their selected water, physicochemical, and chemical properties. Contents of organic carbon, total nitrogen in the native ground.

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  • Theoretical basis of fuzzy mathematical apparatus sets to evaluate and account the man-made losses is improved in the article in order to take effective administrative decisions to reduce and prevent them. So investigations will give the opportunity.

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  • Review basics adsorption typical wastewater pollution. The analysis of data on the use of clinoptilolite. The characteristic sorption capacity of natural clinoptilolite. The mechanism and characteristics of adsorption processes in static conditions.

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  • General location and physical features of sampled trees in fires. Field sampling. Bark char codes and description of bark appearance. Bark char quadrants with dead cambium. Management guidelines for using Ryan. Methods for assessing cambium injury.

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  • Ecological evaluation of effluents from meat enterprises. Setting consumption of large amount of water which is saturated with organic substances and a number of biogenic elements (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds) during its industrial utilization.

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  • Monitoring of ecological danger in a region with the intensive loading. The most important factors in the formation of ecological danger and their sources. A technical decisions about ecological safety in the zone of oil transportation industry.

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  • Описание совокупности элементов, которые способны оказывать прямое или косвенное воздействие на организмы. Схема действия экологического фактора. Адаптация как приспособление организма к условиям в процессе эволюции. Характеристика естественного отбора.

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  • Основные виды абиотических факторов внешней среды: свет, химизм и температура среды обитания. Закономерности жизнедеятельности живых существ в разнообразных условиях внешней среды и факторы, определяющие устойчивость, развитие и смену экосистем.

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  • Свет как экологический фактор. Действие основных прямодействующих абиотических факторов: свет, температура и наличие воды. Факторы неживой природы, физические и химические по своему характеру. Распространение организмов по разным областям Земного шара.

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  • Вплив різних джерел забруднення на екологічний стан природних компонентів Харківської області. Екологічні дослідження геологічної будови, кліматичних показників, водних об’єктів, ґрунтів, флори та фауни. Накопичення важких металів у ґрунті та овочах.

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