• The benefits of using improved magnetic materials for electric devices. The mechanism of effect of magnetic field on the formation of ferrite particles in the polymer matrix composites. The calculation of the amount of filler in a phase transition.

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  • The studying an incoming light beam at angle to the first mirror. Processing of illumination of liquid-crystal display. Identifying on the screen precise location corresponding to the desired deflection angle. The bright patterns in a transmitted light.

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  • A sample of plastic material for use as an ingredient in the backlight illumination of liquid-crystal display. Experimental reflections from metallic surfaces. The destructive interference between different regions of each “tooth” on the sample screens.

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  • Nanocomposite multicomponent coating obtained by vacuum arc deposition method. Analysis of the of the structure of the coating, elemental distribution and composition of the impurity elements using the methods Rutherford backscattering, mass spectrometry.

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  • Formation fragments emitted at zero angle. Inclusive measurement speed, isotopic and charge distributions of fragments of the reaction by the separator. Making isotopes with increasing number of nucleons, breaks away from the nucleus of the incident ion.

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  • General characteristics of the analytic solution of Kompaneets. Feature of interaction of the supernova remnant with inhomogeneities of the interstellar medium and especially with molecular clouds, analysis of the main approaches to the problem.

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  • Actual trends in development of power system protection and automation. Identification of circuit parameters of power network elements. The proof of applicability of power line parameters identification algorithm. Synchrophasor application tasks.

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  • The neutron time of flight (n_TOF) facility at CERN. Measurement of neutron capture cross sections in the S-process nucleosynthesis. Galactic condensation and the formation of stars. Checking models of stellar evolution. Mechanisms of neutron capture.

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  • The history of the effects of the first induction motor. Record status induction improvements and the development of three-phase asynchronous motors. The use of electric motors in modern technology. Features of the nature of induction machines.

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  • Description of the mathematical model of the distribution of the forces acting on a long balloon. An analytical scheme for solving the problem of changing the volume over time, constructed a function with the analysis of three aspects of transition.

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  • Langevin, Fokker Planck equations are considered for stochastic spherical motion of the ferromagnetic fine particle with frozen magnetic moment in a viscous carrier. Special attention devotes to the correspondence between dissipative and diffusive terms.

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  • Використання методів математичного та молекулярного моделювання. Побудування математичних моделей Са2+ - регульованого впливу та дії оборотних ефекторів (інгібіторів, активаторів), включаючи іони водню, на ферментативну і транспортну активність білків ГМ.

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  • Replacement scheme for the calculation of short-circuit time search space for the simplest plot. Diagram of distribution line. Example of calculation for one moving line of AXO between section lines. Scheme of control process of finding places SC line.

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  • Perspectives of electrochemical sensors for exploration to presence of toxic compounds in environment determination. Advantages of paste electrodes of multi-walled carbon nanotubes to mercury and chromium content in aqueous medium determination.

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  • Optimal conditions for the synthesis of nanopowders based bi2te3. Preparation of homogeneous dense material from nanopowder by hot isostatic pressing. Especially the increase in electrical resistivity, decrease in the average grain size of the material.

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  • The study of the peripheral nuclear interactions in 14N dissociation at 2.1A GeV in nuclear emulsion. The leading role of the multiple fragmentations in the most peripheral nucleus interactions. The production of unusual states for this channel.

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  • Limited energy resources as a major problem in the energy sector. Increased use of oil and natural gas. Reaction of nuclear fission and fusion. The energy released in the fusion of two light nuclei. Isolation of radioactive hazardous substances.

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  • Analysis experimental data for the excited states in the deformed nucleus 230Th studied in the reaction. Selected of sequences of the states which can be treated as rotational bands. Experimental data are compared with the interacting boson model.

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  • The excitation spectra in the deformed nucleus 230Th by means of the reaction, using the Q3D spectrograph facility at the Munich Tandem accelerator. The angular distributions of tritons for about 200 excitations seen in the triton spectra up to 3.3 MeV.

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  • The shear modulus of fluids and their dependence on the degree of purity of the piezoelectric surface. The essence acoustic resonance method using a piezoelectric quartz resonator. The main criteria for the status of the static coefficient of friction.

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