• Features of the mechanism that will help to identify lines with Romanian chromatic words on the basis of computer technology. Steps develop a dictionary of poetic meanings of colors. Development of the dictionary linguists and computer scientists.

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  • History of game technology, from simple pixel games to modern digital. The development of games and software video games from the point of view of the programmer. Experts participating in the development of games. Classification types of popular games.

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  • Developing, basing on prototype physic and mathematic models of auto-oscillations in natural excitable media, the program model of phenomena for 2D natural neuronal complexes, including electrical auto-wave propagation from the center of this structure.

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  • Program models for some molecular membrane structures functioning. The results of program modeling of biological "voltage-activated nanostructures". Simulation was done on the base of experimental results of electrical currents studying in brain neurons.

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  • The nodes of computer facilities and microprocessor systems. Architecture and software models of Intel microprocessors. Microprocessor systems on universal microprocessors and its programming. Microprocessor systems on microcontrollers and programming.

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  • Programming of Intel microprocessors. Studying systems on universal microprocessors and problems of its programming. The scheme and the description of laboratory installation, variants of tasks and order of the laboratory work execution are presented.

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  • Consideration and analysis of nanoelectronic three-input element "and", which consists of five tunnel junctions, three capacitors and four voltage sources. Consideration and characteristic features of the single-electron circle with tunnel junctions.

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  • Learning English for working with the computer and other information technology. Working with computer programs, discussion of problems and project planning. Use for intermediate level students and above. Using software: useful verbs, the control panel.

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  • The regression models of software project duration based on project effort. Equations of confidence interval of a non-linear regression model of software project duration based on Johnson transformation for the personal computer development platform.

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  • Тeopeтичecкиe acпeкты opгaнизaции cиcтeмы упpaвлeния элeктpoнным дoкумeнтooбopoтoм в opгaнизaции. Дoкумeнтaциoннoe oбecпeчeниe и анaлиз движeния дoкумeнтoв. Пoлитикa лицeнзиpoвaния "1C: Дoкумeнтooбopoт 8". Лицeнзии нa дoпoлнитeльныe paбoчиe мecтa.

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  • Secret stories, codes, and cryptogram puzzles. Historical background to the conspiracy stories. Caesar/shift ciphers. Hints to help crack the cryptograms and puzzles. Answers to all cryptograms, their assignment and application in modern practice.

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  • Rule of formation of positional structural and weight numbers with variable length that provides potential for implementation of the principle of a codes formation on the code word’s maximum filling of the given length in the conditions of an exception.

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  • In this book - notions from three different areas: how digital information has to be designed, how artifacts or systems containing digital content should maximize usability, how context can influence the nature and efficiency of digital communication.

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  • Понятие CRM-системы (Управления отношениями с клиентами) как прикладного программного обеспечения для автоматизации стратегий взаимодействия с заказчиками. Saas и Stand-Alone, облака и сервер. API интеграция с телефонией. Лицензирование, Open Source.

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  • Ознакомление с CRM-системой, которая позволяет сотруднику компании удобным способом вводить информацию о клиенте в базу данных либо клиенту оставлять эту информацию. Изучение основных групп этой системы : оперативных, аналитических и коллаборационных.

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  • Изучение процесса планирования производственных мощностей, который включает в себя вычисление временно-структурированной потребности в производственных мощностях для рабочего центра. Анализ автоматизированной информационной системы "Галактика АММ".

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  • Familiarity with the basic principles of cryptographic protection of information. Cryptography as a set of methods for data transformation, aimed at, it is to make the data useless to the enemy. Analysis of the cryptographic algorithm with the public key.

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  • Finding Small Solutions to Univariate and Bivariate Polynomial Congruences. The RSA Public Key Cryptosystem. Coppersmith Attack on Short Random Pads. Cryptanalysis via the Defining Equation. The Lattice Factoring Method. Improved Determinant Bounds.

    диссертация (498,9 K)
  • Computational and Mathematical Preliminaries: computability, complexity, intractability. Efficient Number-Theoretic Algorithms and Intractable Problems. Public-Key Cryptography and Type Crytposystems. Integer Factorization and Discrete Logarithm Attacks.

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  • Outline of conference proceedings in the field of development of cryptography. The use of Boolean functions in the shift registers with feedback relationship used to encrypt information. Options graphs encoding and selection of programmable design.

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