• Особливості функціонування та сутність транснаціональних корпорацій. Конкурентні переваги та недоліки діяльності корпорацій на світовому туристичному ринку. Заходи щодо зменшення негативного виливу транснаціональних корпорацій в умовах глобалізації.

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  • Ways of activation of tourist flows. Normative-legal mechanisms of regulation of the considered infrastructure. Essay external factors affecting the strategic planning mechanisms for activities of tourist firms. Optimization of management decisions.

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  • What is it doping and history of anti-doping. Doping group funds. Anti-Doping organizations and legislation. The first victims of doping. Make drug education part of health education. Educate definitions of courage and discipline that promote health.

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  • Evaluation of somatic development and comprehensive physical training of artistic gymnasts aged 7-10 years. The results of eight physical fitness Eurofit tests. Determination of biological age of girls at the selection stage in artistic gymnastics.

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  • Понятие, сущность и специфика потребительского поведения в индустрии гостеприимства и туризме, его особенности в России. Роль интернет-технологий в индустрии гостеприимства. Оценка потребительского поведения на этапе планирования туристической поездки.

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  • The basic factors of ecotourism development in the Danube region and the forms of possible ecotourism business. Major tourist attractions, for forms ecotourism development in the present, perspective funding sources for its further development.

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  • Tourist characteristic of England, its political system, national language, features of the demographic situation, economy, religion and culture. Main attractions: British Museum, Tate Modern, national Natural History Museum, Imperial war Museum.

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  • Illustration the environmental legacy of the Olympic Games since Ancient Greece and through to the Sochy-2014 Winter Games. The main stages of the environmental policy of organizational structures Olympics. Analysis of trends environmental program.

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  • The best options for family winter vacations anywhere in Michigan. Family-friendly summer vacations in Vermont. The town of Killington is equally wonderful during the summer months as a preferred ski destination of city dwellers. Vacation in Yelloustone.

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  • Problems of training high-class tennis players. Analysis of direct preparation for competitions Junior Masters of Europe. Estimation of total loadings and ratios of training means a different orientation. The phase character of the formation of fitness.

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  • Speeding through the Basics. Teams, Drivers and Cars. Getting in the Race. Understanding Formula on the Tracks. A Grand and Global Sport. Best testing time. Gettind Off to a Flying Start. Cuttinng corners during qualifications. Surrendering grid position.

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  • Tourism in France - important aspect of the economy. Geographical location and tourist attraction. The main sights of France. The most visited tourist places. Disneyland in Paris as an entertainment area for children. Parc du Futuroscope in French.

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  • In this study some hypotheses about the issues of Bangkok tourism potential promotion and realization were offered and improved by the results of international and local tourists' survey. Study the important problems of the today's urban tourism industry.

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  • The study health impact aerobic and strength training in private fitness clubs for women. A negative impact on the physical and psychological state of the person the musculoskeletal inactivity. Health oriented training for women in fitness clubs.

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  • Taganrog was the earliest Greek settlement in the Northern-Western Black Sea Region. The first Russian Navy base, Taganrog was founded by Peter I and hosted the Azov Flotilla. City History Museum - one of the oldest museums in the south of Russia.

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  • The history of the emergence and development of America, her ethnic features and the basics. Overview and description of North American States. The geographical position of the USA and the study of its main attractions. Interesting facts about America.

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  • Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. The capital is Edinburgh. Early history, religion, climate country. Flora and fauna, cultural traditions, Scottish literature, education. The Highland Games, sport, military, national symbols.

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  • The Rise of the Modern Game. Rules to speed up play. Attempts to create a professional basketball. Association with the American Basketball Association NBA. Popularity of the game among American sports fans. Improve equipment and skills of athletes.

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  • Determining the optimal rest time between loads during a workout. Assessment of difference in sustainability reps in the lying mode with an interval of rest between light and heavy loads. The determination of the concentration of plasma cortisol.

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  • Establishment Hotel "Paradise hotel" in 2013 in specially collar of artificial career on the island of Madagascar. The rules and requirements to the personnel. Rooms fund and description. Additional services, the menu of the restaurant the old empire.

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