• Characteristics of the initial C9 fraction. Unsaturated hydrocarbons conversion, their concentration. Products of pyrolysis diesel fuel production of ethylene. Cooligomerization of C9 fraction unsaturated hydrocarbons initiated by organic peroxides.

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  • Heterometal coordination compounds of copper(II), nickel(II), alkaline-earth metals with N-bis(salicylidene)thiosemicarbazide have been synthesized. Using elemental analysis has been shown that the synthesized compounds have semi-conducting properties.

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  • Synthesis semizwitterionic viologens for the crystal engineering of functional materials. Application of the control positions of molecules in crystals using hydrogen bonds. The triple helices had obtained by tunig the spacer between donor and acceptor.

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  • Hydrogenation of these oxygen-stabilized n-phases with Ti2Ni-type structure proceeds through expansion of their unit cells by 15.5 and 17.3%, respectively, without change of the type of metal matrix. Insertion of deuterium atoms into the metal matrix.

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  • The crystal structures of the Dy2M17 (M = Fe, Co, Ni) compounds were investigated from single crystal X-ray diffraction data (Th2Ni17 type structure, space group). The Dy2M17 binaries (M = Co, Ni) dissolve limited amounts of carbon, up to 0.2 (M = Co).

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  • Synthesis of two rare-earth nickel silicide PrNi9Si4 and NdNi9Si4. Their crystal structures, refined from X-ray powder diffraction data, structure type. The two compounds as Curie-Weiss paramagnets due to magnetic moments carried on the rare-earth atoms.

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  • Synthesis the new ternary indide Ca16Ni173.14In62.61 from the elements by arc-melting and determination its crystal structure by means of X-ray single crystal diffraction. Foundation the crystals of similar shape in an as-cast SrNi9In2 sample.

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  • Point defects in doped crystals PbTe:Sb and solid solutions. The dependence of the concentration of dominant point defects, charge carriers from the amount of alloying compounds and the magnitude of the initial deviation from stoichiometry in the matrix.

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  • Изучение характеристик химического состава меди, как элемента периодической системы. Обзор плоскости, температуры плавления и кипения метала. Анализ использования элемента для конструкционных сплавов латуней и бронзы. Особенности медноцинковых сплавов.

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  • Historical Developments; the Revival of Troger’s Bases, the Synthesis and Mechanism of Formation. Multiple TB Systems, reactivity. Physicochemical properties, molecular and Crystal Structure; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra; uses and applications.

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