• Strategic task of economic modernization on the basis of transition to the innovative way of social and economic development. Coevolutionary interaction between economic, social and ecological subsystems. Ecological situation in the regions of Ukraine.

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  • Distribution of the foreign-born population across England’s government office regions, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The main factors of change age, and national composition of the UK population. Value migration and emigration in the country.

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  • The impact of international population movements on the scale of world urbanization. Modern migration processes in the world. Megacities of the world and the most important migration corridors. Dynamics and contemporary global processes of urbanization.

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  • Geographical location, demographic composition of the population, climate and terrain characteristics of the Republic of Moldova. The proclamation of Moldova's independence in 1991. The development of industry, tourism and the largest cities of Moldova.

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  • Moscow is the capital city and the most populous federal subject of Russia. A brief history of its formation and development. The structure and elements of the city, its attractions and recreational potential. Recent advances and trends development.

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  • Napier as a famous and very beautiful city on the North Island of New Zealand, familiarity with a distinctive character. Getting to know the benefits and features of the Tongariro National Park. General characteristics of the Franz Josef Glacier.

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  • The problem of distribution of the global resource of the system under the constraints, imposed on individual resources is considered. Construction an adequate objective function for optimization of the resources distribution under their limitations.

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  • Nakhodka as the administrative part of Russian Primorsky territory. Population and climate in Nakhodka. Port Vostochny the largest transportation hub in the Far East of Russia. Education, sport, objects of cultural heritage of regional significance.

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  • New York City comprises five boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island. Rockefeller Center is a large office building. Statue of Liberty - one of the most famous sculptures in the USA. Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building.

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  • Familiarization with characteristic of the New York city as the most populous city in the United States of America. Review particular qualities of its boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island. Studying attractions of Lincoln Center.

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  • A city in the southern end of the state of New York. Geographically the largest town and ethnically county. The official flag of the place. Manhattan how the most densely populated borough of New York City and home to most of the city's skyscrapers.

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  • New York City as the city in the southern end of the state of New York, and is the most populous city in the United States of America, the acquaintance with the peculiarities of formation and development. Characteristics of the main boroughs of New York.

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  • New Zealand (Aotearoa) is a country in the south-western Pacific Ocean, it is made up of two large islands. Its geographical location and access to the sea. The climate and landscape, common types of animals, birds and plants. History and modernity.

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  • National Emblem, flag of New Zealand. Geographical location and population of the country. The greatness of the island Stewart Island. The location of the cities of Hamilton, Nelson, Wellington. The study of flora and fauna on the territory of the state.

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  • New Zealand as a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in Polynesia, situated on two large Islands and a large number of adjacent smaller Islands. The government is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy. The indigenous population.

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  • Geographical description of New Zeland of the independent island state in composition the Concord headed Great Britain. Multinational character of society and culture. Tourist sights of country. Description of variety of the vegetable and animal world.

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  • A seat of medieval princes. The strongest fortress of Muscovy. Great trade center. The Soviet Era. Information technology, engineering industry. Transportation. City Layout. Main sights: cultural features, Nizhny Novgorod art gallery, churches. Sports.

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  • Characteristics of the geographical position of Northern Ireland. Study of special status of Belfast. Analysis of current population of Northern Ireland. Study of languages of Northern Ireland. Characteristics of the largest rivers and lakes of country.

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  • Историко-географическое описание Кабардино-Балкарской Республики. Характеристика политического положения и партийного состава. Отрасли экономики, объем валового регионального продукта. Численность и занятость населения, национальный состав и миграция.

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  • Natural heritage and amazing scenery in New Zealand. Overview of natural attractions: spectacular glaciers, picturesque fiords, rugged mountains, vast plains, rolling hillsides, subtropical forest, volcanic plateau, miles of coastline with sandy beaches.

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