• Russia or the Russian Federation as a transcontinental country. The nation's history and climate. Geography of Russia, topography. Russian population and ethnic groups. Demographics: the state of the labor force, a high death rate and low birth rate.

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  • Geographical location and territory of the Russian Federation. The population of Russia, the largest city, the members of the federation. Political views and the economy of the state. Features of the business of business culture and mentality of Russians.

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  • Potential recoverable hydrocarbon resources of the Russian continental shelves. Studing the Shtokmanovskoe gas condensate field and the Prirazlomnoe oil field in the area of Pechora Bay. Summary attractiveness of Arctic opportunities by country.

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  • Familiarity with the basic stages of formation of Saint Petersburg. Analysis of the main attractions of the main economic center of the country. Saint-Petersburg as one the most beautiful cities in the world, familiarity with cultural significance.

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  • The approach in urban studies upon a new perspective which involve fractal ones reveals the unique level of details in urban system analysis. Characteristic the applying fractal dimensions in the urban spatial structure analysis with the GIS software.

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  • The geographical location and history of Scotland base. The capital and population of Scotland. Its state symbols, political and legal system, national currency. Scottish education system and religion. The climate, flora and fauna of the country.

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  • Canada's geographic location and characteristics of its territory. Ottawa - the capital of the state. Toronto is the largest Canadian city and the cultural and main commercial center. Agawa Canyon and Niagara Falls as the main attractions of Canada.

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  • The prediction of the climate of our planet with the use of artificial intelligence AIDOS-X. The semantic models, demonstrating the presence of similarity between the motion of the lunar orbit and the displacement of the instantaneous pole of the Earth.

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  • Introduction to geographical location, climatic conditions, the state structure and population of New Zealand. The main cities (Southland, Harihari, Canterbury, Queenstown, Auckland) and islands of New Zealand. Unique flora and fauna of the country.

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  • Florida is a state in the southeastern region of the United States, bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico. State symbols: flag, flower, reptile, bird, butterfly. The history of the Everglades, Biscayne National Park. Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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  • Acquaintance with the geographical features of the United States of America. Review and analysis of the history of the creation and development of New York. Research and characteristics of specific features of Los Angeles is a city built on dreams.

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  • The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state within the Commonwealth. The climate, the diversity of flora and fauna of Australia. Features mineral resources. There are five big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaida, Perth and Brisbane.

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  • A Federal state consisting of 16 States, each of which has its own Constitution, Parliament, administration - features of government system of Germany. Machinery, electrical, chemical, automotive, shipbuilding - the main sectors of German industry.

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  • Great Britain is 9-th largest island in the world, that consist of 1000 smaller islands which surround it. Water resources of the British Isles. Strategic position of the English Channel. The function of the longest undersea rail tunnel in Europe.

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  • The growth perspectives an Aktobe. A settlement in city. The fertile soil and perfect location. The history is attracted immigrants. The climate in the city. Inner suburbs - streets Abylkhair Khan, Sankibay Batyr. Old Industrial area between the border.

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  • Great Wall of China. Chichen Itza is the landmark of the great Maya. Construction of Taj Mahal. Colosseum is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites. The most photographed monument in the world. Christ the Redeemer. Petra (Ma’an Governorate, Republic of Jordan).

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  • Characteristics of the administrative-territorial division, economic-geographical study of Russia. The political management system of the state. Description of the level of development of agriculture and industry. Nature, water, culture and traditions.

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  • The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. The capital of Russia. Geographical location and footprint. National republics, administrative regions and autonomous regions of the country. The largest cities. The study of border states.

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  • The description of features of geographical location, administrative-territorial division, natural environment, capitals, major cities, official language, monetary unit, population, nationalities, national language and culture of the United Kingdom.

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  • Formation of a series of Acts of Union, which united distinct nations of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland under a single government in London. The geographical location of the UK, the main water resources. The primary language spoken is English.

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