Bailiff’s strategy to cope of a stress

The psychology of control negative emotions. The definition of what constitutes purposeful social behavior, allowing the person to cope with a difficult life situation. The effectiveness a coping behavior in the professional activities of bailiffs.

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Altai State University, Assistant of the General and Applied Psychology Department Altai State University


Kuzmina Anna Sergeevna

Demina Lyudmila Denisovna

Bailiff's work is connected with different stressful situations. A specialist must be able to cope with them to succeed in his professional sphere. Every day bailiff is involved into «debtor-claimer» relationship - participates in conflict tense situations that need not only the skill of effective resolving the contradictions, but the executing of resolution of the court. People of this profession have a high level of emotional burnout. It raises the question about studying of the strategies of control the stress - or bailiff's coping-strategies. Coping-behavior is “a targeted social behavior that lets a person to cope with a difficult life situation by those ways that are adequate according to person's character and the situation”. Study of the coping-behavior peculiarities will let us construct an adaptational program for newly-hired employees. The aim of the study in this paper is peculiarities of bailiff's copping Conduct for coping with stressful situations.

90 bailiffs from structural departments of Federal Bailiffs Management Service in Altai region took part in the research. The experience of public service of the participant was from 2 to 5 years: 45 males and 45 females. The age of participants was 24-29 years. Control group was presented by 90 participants at the age of 24-29 years. All of them had higher law education.

Research methods: “Coping behavior in stressful situations” methodic (S. Normann, D.F. Andler, D.A. James, M.I. Parker, adapted variant - T.A. Kryukova). Mathematical statistics methods: Mann-Whitney's U-criterion, Spearman's correlational analysis.

In the development of the research following results were obtained.

The problem of the analysis of bailiff's coping behavior comparing with the control group was solved with the help of comparing average results in both groups of probationers (the basic and the control groups) according to scales from “Coping behavior in stressful situations” methodic (S. Normann, D.F. Andler, D.A. James, M.I. Parker, adapted variant - T.A. Kryukova). The reliability of differences was tested using the method of mathematical statistics Mann-Whitney's U-criterion. At the level of significance (p < 0.05) reliable differences revealed in the characteristics of peculiarities of coping-behavior in the basic and control groups. Bailiffs significantly differ from the probationers of the control group in indexes of coping based on emotion, coping based on avoidance, subscales of social distractions and distractions that are subscales of the scale of avoidance. So for bailiffs it is significantly less common to have and show negative emotions in stressful situations, which indicates their emotional stability on the one hand and the need to participate in the “debtor-claimant” relationship on the other hand. During performing of duties bailiff must not only carry out everything mentioned in the executive document, but also smooth the conflict situation. This is a paramount thing for a state civil servant whose work is connected with constant participation in stressful situations in the “debtor-claimant” system. Avoiding and distraction from the situation are less common because of peculiarities of the performed service activities, that take a huge amount of time. Besides, emotionally oriented coping is significantly more common for female bailiffs, than for male ones (aver. num. f. = 35,31, aver. num. m. = 28,89, Zmu = 2,11, p < 0,04). Reliable differences of peculiarities of bailiff's coping behavior who are and aren't in the personnel reserve for the nomination are identified with the help of Mann-Whitney's U-criterion on the level of significance (p < 0,05). Bailiffs who are in the personnel reserve for the nomination reliably differ by lower results of emotionally-oriented coping-scale.

Bailiffs' professional self-realization is much more effective if they can control negative emotions. psychology emotion behavior

In the paper there are the following conclusions:

- Avoiding and emotionally-oriented coping for finding a solution in stressful situations is less common for bailiffs. They choose not avoidance of the situation but interaction;

- Bailiffs who are in the personnel reserve for the nomination reliably differ by lower results of emotionally-oriented coping-scale. And their professional self-realization presupposes ability to control not only the situation, but their own negative emotions too.


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