Gender segregation of women in Australia

This article describes the topic of gender segregation of women in Australia. Furthermore, the researcher wants to show us why the progress of women in the hospitality business is not so developed and why such segregation is problematic in our time.

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1. Introduction

This article describes the topic of gender segregation of women in Australia. Furthermore, the researcher wants to show us why the progress of women in the hospitality business is not so developed as progress in this business for men. Also the researchers want to show us the statistics research on gender segregation in Australia and why such segregation is problematic in our time. Women are increasingly faced with problems in finding employment, this leads to a reduction of wages as well as their underestimate at work. According to article (Academic, 2011) gender segregation is unequal distribution of work responsibilities between women and men.

Researcher is trying to pay attention to the issue of gender segregation, because this problem is widespread in Australia. In addition, why is this problem appeared in the business and whether the solution? For example by changing any of the laws or making new ones. Thus the researcher understands that the employer underestimates poor working conditions. Therefore, the researcher wants to understand and explore these issues. Moreover, researcher is trying to understand how it is possible to examine the issue further to use the results of their work to highlight the problem.

2. Research design

The researchers did not have a specific question for research of which would give a concrete answer. Researchers are trying to draw attention to a problem arose among the service industry, particularly the hospitality industry.

The function of research is based on the evidence obtained by means of the study. Effectiveness solution of the problem depends on the evidence. Researchers at the social sciences, as in our case refers to gender segregation, usually refers to a theory to evaluate this phenomenon as fact.(University of Southern California libraries, 2012)

In this case, the author clearly explained to their positions on the existing problems. But actually researcher makes no references to any specific criteria to resolve the problem. Researcher only gives facts from the practical component of the problem and also assesses the legal component of segregation in Australia.

According to () the descriptive research design they help answer the questions: who, what, when, where and how to connect to a specific researches` problem. This mainly relates to the particular research of author, because the study is no concrete answer to the question, what to do with situation in Australia? The basis of descriptive studies is provided and described "exact status" of Research. Existing problems described from all parts, including changes within different situations (in research- different luxury hotels).

Based on article (Social research methods, 2006) we decided that in this particular case, the author has chosen inductive method. Inductive method comes to the topic of the specific situation in theory to a wider aspect.

Reasoning with concrete examples, and based on them, the author explains in theory arguments about customer-oriented bureaucracy. The specific arguments, comments and examples identified during the research presented patterns. Patterns that formulate specific hypotheses then can be investigated by research. Ultimately, that develops certain conclusions. In our case, the output goes to a rethinking of "Equal Employment Opportunity" legislation and eventually a clear understanding of the problem. (Social research methods, 2006)

We see that author chose as a qualitative method in methodology. Research was based on 28 hotels of these only 14 hotel managers agreed to participate in the interview. There are three fundamental types of research interviews: structured, semi-structured and unstructured. We recognised that is a semi-structured interview, because these kind of interview are often used to encourage an interviewee to talk about an exact issue. (Sociology and anthropology, 2007) Thus is also an qualitative interviewing, there is much greater interest in the interviewee's point of view. In our case, the interview that was interested in the data produced from the people. Thus, women, who work in this environment, in this case, explain their opinion.

Author uses the replication in her research. Because, according to article (Sociology and anthropology, 2007) In certain cases, it is important to repeat certain results. We can see how the author uses the results of other studies. Because, in some studies the results were not improved, as specifically noted from article that we observe.

3. Literature review

The article was written by the author in 2007. Author uses the appropriate materials and scientific works. As you can see, many works were written in the nineties, which suggest that they were written over 15 years ago from start of writing the article. Despite this author uses researches that directly relate to the subject of her research.

Theoretical component is based on the theory of gender segregation, EEO legislation, costumer-oriented bureaucracy.

Authors such as Richard Anker in 1998 conducted a study on the existence of occupational gender segregation and reflection on women`s disadvantages. This particular work was based on a unique new data which contains detailed occupational data from 41 countries or territories from all regions of the world. In fact, in this case, a parallel made between the English-speaking countries, which are in fact almost identical to the social sphere.

Strachan and Burgess in 2000 wrote an article about range of legislative and policy initiatives intended to promote equal employment opportunity for women. This work is based on the analysis of specific legislation which refers to equal employment opportunity. Our researcher actually focuses on principles of affirmative action which was introduced in 1986. The same was said Sheridan in 1998about affirmative action. But more specifically stressed that the program does not refer to the causes of inequality that specifically noted the author of the article.

Author to explain the concept and essence of bureaucracy relied on works of Marek Korczynski, especially which were written in 2001 and 2002. These articles explain the concept of the subject and their case studies in specific situations. In our case it helped the author to specifically address the problems of the topic and bring these causes with the system related to the study.

4. Sampling

The author initially chose to study 28 hotels. Of these hotels have responded to be interviewed only 14 managers. In the end, the author initially received only 14 case studies. This is only half of the amount originally conceived the author. Research was based on substantially the same hotels that represent the same component - luxury hotels. We would like to note that the author has not chosen for her study other hotel categories that would help create a complete picture of this research. It can be assumed that the author wanted to base exactly on the hotels that lead high quality customer service.

The author carried out interviews with HR managers, departmental managers, employees, and union officials. In this case, it shows that the author has engaged in a study of almost the entire structure of workers. The questions that were asked mainly concerned about gender segregation and desegregation. Time of interviews was conducted approximately 18 months.

We think author used it because it used its own judgment to choose his own corresponding sample. Judgment sampling is method is highly liable to bias and error as the researcher makes inexpert judgment and selection. Judgment sampling is non-probability sampling, because author chose by herself whom to choose. (Changing minds, 2012)

As mentioned by the author of his study could be supported by statistical data, but since they were not given the author can assume that his research was not very reliable. Sampling is not particularly relevant to the integrity of the picture of what is happening throughout the labour market. The author only chose the method which in his opinion is a good measure of the labour market in Australia.

5. Conclusion

Knox study examined gender segregation in Australia. Since the conditions of work for women were found not very favorable. As it is believed that only men hold higher status at work. Why women do not get good wages, and also cannot improve their careers opportunities. In this case, women are not estimate. Therefore, the author believes that it is possible to solve the situation if new laws make some changes in this difficult situation.

Knox's studies were carried out well enough. But are they reliable? The author used literature that supported the theoretical material. But in my opinion the author has not provided us with enough information about what kind of people he interviewed and did not provide enough information about the hotels in which the interviews were conducted. gender segregation women

To sum up these studies are good quality so the results are quite specific. But in the end results may not be very reliable because there was no specific statistical data.


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