• Investigations of nanoporous carbon materials from organic raw materials of vegetable nature appropriate to be used as an electrode component in supercapacitors with an aqueous electrolyte. Familiarization with voltammograms of experimental samples.

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  • In this article, the aspects of self-study in traditional and innovative educational system were discussed. Special attention was paid to the implementation of competency-based approach to teaching and self-study by improved innovative pedagogic system.

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  • A brief sketch of the life of the famous ancient physician Avicenna, the analysis of his works. Stages of formation and evaluation of scientific achievements. The value of the activities of a doctor in the world. Areas of scientific work Avicenna.

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  • The activity of the periplasmic hydrogenase of sulfate-reducing bacteria Desulfovibrio piger Vib-7 and Desulfomicrobium sp. Rod-9. Effect of temperature, pH and substrate concentration on the hydrogenase activity of cell-free extracts of bacteria.

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  • Experience of introduction of the modern IEC 61850 standard shows that one of the most complicated things here is testing. The testing equipment set should include a special Ethernet-operating device that reads and generates GOOSE- and SV-messages.

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  • Problems of the obtaining the investigation and search information. Features information and analytical support of operational activities for the purpose of detection of crimes. Actual issues of the obtaining of investigation under modern conditions.

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  • The processes of capitalization of economy of Ukraine in the deepening systemic crisis and globalization of the investment market. The influence of marketing on the process of forming costs and finding new sources of value creation in European markets.

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  • The clinical picture of acute apical periodontitis, its differential diagnosis and treatment. The concept of post-operative pain and the main reasons for its occurrence. Incidence of post-operative pain using two different root canal dressings.

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  • The mites of Adamystidae family, new for Ukraine, have found in materials collected in the Black See biosphere reserve. Description different parts of female and male. Male and female have very similar external morphology. Results and discussion.

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  • Study of the relationship of adaptation of the enterprise with the process to ensure its competitiveness. Classification of adaptation according to the characteristic scale of the process approach to the analysis of the adaptation of the enterprise.

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  • The non-stationary random process disorder detection. The segmentation consists in splitting of speech signal into phonemes. The speech signal disorder points detection is mostly solving in case of small number of its states. The methods of segmentation.

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  • Introduction to Blind Signal Processing: Problems and Applications. Iterative Algorithms with Non-negativity Constraints. Basic Properties of PCA. Extraction of Principal Components. SOS Blind Identification Based on EVD. Computer Simulation Experiments.

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  • The definition of the business process-incubator and incubation. Strategic management in nonprofit organizations. Measuring the effectiveness of business incubators, their development and especially in Russia. The incubation process and its elements.

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  • Translation contextual of intercultural communication. Role of the media in international communication. Mentality and speech etiquette of nation. Features of journalistic style texts in Russian, English. Translation of newspaper and informational text.

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  • Особенности использования и защиты облачных инфраструктур и применение службы федераций Active Directory для задач аутентификации. Анализ результатов внедрения технологии ADFS. Угрозы информационной безопасности при использовании облачных вычислений.

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  • Ади Дасслер как немецкий предприниматель, основатель компании "Adidas". Основные этапы и направления развития крупнейшего производителя спортивной обуви, одежды и инвентаря. Миссия и целевая аудитория данной фирмы, описание ее продукции, конкуренты.

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  • Analysis of the application of administrative law in the decisions of government units that are part of a national regulatory scheme in the areas of police law, commerce, manufacturing, environment, taxation, broadcasting, immigration and transport.

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  • The study of the level of local government in Germany . Review the progress and outcome of the administrative reform of 1960 and the second wave of modernization in 1990. Description of internal and external components of government reorganization.

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  • Administrative sanctions in comparison with penalties in Polish tax law - a double system or two systems? The duality of legal methods for countering tax fraud in Poland: whether administrative sanctions are contained in tax law or in criminal law.

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  • Основные возможности Adobe Acrobat. Быстрая печать и просмотр в режиме он-лайн. Приложение Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader 2.0. Достоинства применения формата PDF в сравнении с LIT. Особенности подхода Adobe к продуктам для чтения и распространения еBook.

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