• Characteristics of the process of remuneration of the CEO, which is a key tool that allows equalizing the interests of managers and shareholders. The study of the results of joint evaluation of the equations for remuneration and for company results.

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  • Research on short-term and long-term relationship between the index of the Istanbul stock exchange and the performance of the real economy, including GDP. Identify long-term equilibrium relationship between stock prices and macroeconomic variables.

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  • Heart failure is one of the most prevalent and challenging medical conditions. Purpose of the study: to identify the presence of correlation between the level of galectin-3 and renal function in patients with ischemic heart failure who are hospitalized.

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  • China and Japan as hosts to a variety of the most enduring religio-philosophical traditions of the world. Classification of the most widespread religions: Buddhism, Taoism, Shinto and Confucianism. Understanding Karma as a fundamental concept in Buddhism.

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  • Derrida's deconstruction of Levi-Strauss in his "Structure, Sign and Play in the History of Human Sciences". His suspicion and injunction against reminiscence are comparable in the myth of Orpheus. In structuralist linguistics the meaning of the sign.

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  • A concise overview of modern research papers is presented on the difficulties of defining the notion of "style" (by G. Leech and M. Short). Interpretation of a number of characters’ proper names, their translation in Ukrainian variant of the novel.

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  • The problem of global energy security and environmental protection in Russia. Prospects for the development of energy from renewable energy sources. State support measures. Analysis of long-term combination of renewable and non-renewable sources.

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  • Implementation of the "green" tariff for electricity produced from renewable sources in Ukraine in 2010. A stimuli for the development of renewable energy sector, represented by solar, wind, hydro, bio energy. The total capacity of solar power plants.

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  • Сlinical case of horizontal root fracture in the mandibular. Example of spontaneously healed fracture roots. The healing was observed in the presence of two root canals, the vitality of the pulp was preserved and displacement of fragments were prevented.

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  • Types of Repetition and its Functions. Specific Types of Repetition: Alliteration, Anaphora, Epiphora, Polysyndeton etc. E.M. Hemingway's brief biography. Syntactical and Lexical Levels Analysis of “Cat in the Rain”. J. D. Salinger's brief biography.

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  • The determination of the level of security provided by the finalists is largely guesswork, as in the case of any unbroken cryptosystem. Software implementation languages. General security. Software speeds for encryption, decryption, and key setup.

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  • Eine Linguistische Studie Phraseologie in den Spruchen. Studium der Etymologie des Wortes „Freundschaft“. Semantische Analyse Redewendungen der deutschen Sprache. Uberblick uber die strukturellen Eigenschaften der Begriffe, die in den Gleichnissen.

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  • The characteristics of belonging of the order foraminiferida (informally foraminifera). Analyzes of foraminifera (forms for short) as a single-celled organisms (protists) with shells or tests (a technical term for internal shells). Describing its size.

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  • Briefly about Republic Kazakhstan. Comparison with second Switzerland. The beauty sanitarium Burabay. Kumiss, adviseable dirt and mineral water. National currency a multinational country - Kazahstanskkiy Tenge. Kokshetau is northward from Astany.

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  • Public sector employment and wages. The legislative, executive and judicial branches. The economy and government spending in Singapore. Selection, promotion, remuneration and training of civil society. Analysis of corruption and ethics of the state.

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  • The concept of image segmentation as one of the topics of computer vision. The features of the process of dividing the image into segments that contain pixels of similar color. The implementation of the algorithm based on Kruskal's algorithm in C++.

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  • Development of adolescents with congenital and acquired pathology as the most important problem of psychological science and practice. Study of possible psychological and physiological abnormalities in the development of a child with cerebral palsy.

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  • Finding the constructive way to achieve high standards of public health. Types of social areas for the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Specifics of implementation practices of the EU in the field of social protection specialists in pharmacology.

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  • The research of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market of anti-epileptic drugs by the form of production and manufacturing countries. Definition of consumer properties of drugs in the form of suppositories and their prospects in development of epilepsy.

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  • Analysis features of sweet woodruff (asperula odorata L.) of Rubiaceae Juss. family is not officinal plant, which is used in folk medicine as a sedative, diuretic and choleretic agent. Study of histological structure of liver of the experimental animals.

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