• Three effects deformation-twinning based metal strengthening: reduction of the free slip distance, transformation of glissile to sessile dislocations and textural softening due to reorientation of the material to a favourable orientation for slip.

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  • The evolutional approach to the phenomena and processes analysis, in economy. State role in innovative ecosystems development and the high technologies transfer. Possibility of accumulating and orienting at innovative development material resources.

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  • An ion-pair model has been proposed explaining the origin of acidic sites at the silica surface–aqueous solution interface. Importance of role of the dissociated water is shown in the hydrolysis of the saccharose adsorbed on the surface of silica.

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  • Establishing correlations between the signs of plasticized amorphous polymers with arctic polarity and Van der Waals volume level macromolecule. Chemical and plasticizing polivinilatsetetu polivinilmetylovoho replacement alkilovanyh polar ester groups.

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  • Universities formation as the major subjects of the state innovative activity. Infrastructure of university as a regional base of industrial, technical and technological resources. Universities as intellectual centres regional economic development.

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  • Metods of teaching comunicative skills in psychology. The analysis of role-playing activities in their combination with other English teaching at all stages of an English lesson. The most effective exercises for developing students' communication skills.

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  • Bottlenecks in the structural organization of the railway sector in Europe, America and Asia have been identified and analyzed. Roles and functions of the participants of transportation process were identified, which are interacting in the modern market.

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  • Several types of stainless steel and titanium-based instruments. Instrumentation of curved canals with flexible stainless steel instruments with modified noncutting tips. Preliminary reports on lightspeed rotary system, using canal master technology.

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  • Root canal treatment. The presence of microorganisms within the root canal. The focal infection theory in the medical literature. Propagation of microorganisms from a focus of circumscribed infection within a tissue and exacerbation of systemic illness.

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  • Pathological changes in the dental pulp. The root canal system is harbor of several species of bacteria, their toxins and their by-products. Complete cleaning and shaping of root canals. Use of endodontic materials as root end filling materials.

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  • Clinical case of pain in the upper jaw of the child as a result of trauma (fall to the ground). These X-ray studies, the method of treatment of occlusion. Conducting splinting results. Restoration of normal tooth color. Positive response to the test pulp.

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  • Root fractures are combined injuries to the dentin, elementum, pulp and periodontal ligament. the healing patterns of such injuries remain unanswered. satisfactory healing of root fractures, in the absence of invasive management, over a 5-year period.

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  • Root resorption from the point of view of clinical relevance and revised terminological system that corresponds to our present understanding of the resorptive processes in teeth. Inflammatory resorption and replacement resorption. Wall of the root canal.

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  • Protective mechanisms against resorption. Requirements for the presence of root resorption. Loss of the protective layer. External root resorption. Minimizing additional damage after the injury. Pharmacological manipulation of the inflammatory response.

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  • Periradicular surgery as the most commonly performed endodontic surgical procedure, analysis of the main objectives. Familiarity with the requirements of an ideal root-end filling material. Consideration of poor outcomes reported in clinical studies.

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  • General characteristics of the root anatomy. Familiarity with the features of the instrument, using a dental surgery. Analysis of features of the use of dentin-bonding techniques. Compomers role in surgical dentistry. Preliminary stages of restoration.

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  • Руткит как программа или набор программ для скрытия следов присутствия злоумышленника или вредоносной программы в системе. Программы для поиска и удаления клавиатурных шпионов. Использование RootKit-технологий разработчиками вирусов, троянских программ.

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  • Mathematical model of a multi-electrode cylindrical structure for uniform distribution of electric field intensity between the electrodes at a much lower capacity compared to flat electrodes. The distribution of electric field intensity in the space.

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  • Study of rotational moment components for statically unbalanced system of the "rotor – supports" type with a bent elastic shaft. Behavior of statically unbalanced rotor with curved elastic shaft. Midline position curved shaft about the axis of rotor.

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  • History of the Titanic crash - British passenger liner that sank in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg during her maiden voyage. Wreck of the Titanic caused the death of 1502 people in one of the deadliest maritime accidents in modern history.

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