• Population and distribution. Biology and behavior. Ways to protect, threats to the snow leopard. The snow leopard is a carnivore and typically eats wild sheep and goats. The snow leopard is a moderately large cat native to the mountain ranges of Asia.

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  • Deteriorating economic and social conditions in Israel. Challenging the validity of the primary legislation. Social and economic rights as a result of constitutional revolution of Israel. The main prospects of enacting additional laws in country.

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  • Positive dependence between social benefits and self-employment in cash or in kind terms. The negative effect of social benefits on business formation. Innovation, unemployment and financing availability. Corporate taxes, low income, correlation matrix.

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  • Private-public partnership as a new form of relations between the state and society, state bodies and public organizations. Social business and entrepreneurship, ways of their development in Ukraine. Prospects for this process and its mechanisms.

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  • The study of the nature and essence of public-public partnerships in the field of business. Methods management considered a form of realization of the relationship between the state and society. Prospects of development of social entrepreneurship.

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  • Social capital as an asset that is engendered via social relations and can be employed to facilitate action and enlarge. Characteristics of entrepreneurs and their businesses. Regression results for financial funds and profitability of businesses.

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  • A person’s visible behavior as a result of a variety of influencing factors. The promotion of mutually beneficial cooperation in close human relationships - the purpose of interpersonal competencies. The main components of intrapersonal intelligence.

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  • The evolution of nature, value and role of social innovations for sustainable development is investigated. The institutional framework of social innovations is analyzed. Determination the reasons the introduction of corporate social responsibility.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. Pension insurance as a type of retirement plan, means of ensuring that elderly or disabled continue to receive financial benefits. Health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, accident insurance.

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  • The concept of social insurance and its main types. The program through which disabled and retired beneficiaries receive their income. Features of unemployment insurance. Compensation program to the employee after the injury. Insurance group accident.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The financial system, legal regulation of payment of disability days. The role of the pension fund in the state. The subjects of social insurance against temporary disability. The system of state budget funds in Russia.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The programs through which disabled and retired beneficiaries earn their income. Programs levels of medicare, which affect the types of benefits received by the beneficiaries. The unemployment insurance program.

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  • The denotation of the words "social media" and their characteristics. Electronic bulletin boards were the first type of website. The application of marketing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to enhance social. Social media makes many for business.

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  • Subject of cross-cultural psychology. The ethical problems of data collection. Ethnocentric or egocentric perception. The differences of cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology. The psychological implications of intercultural communication.

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  • The analysis of social risks as a result of the implementation of European approaches to social policy. The unjustified maintenance of a system of privileges for certain categories of citizens. Increasing government spending on social support programs.

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  • The article defines the role, psychological profile and factors of socially responsible personality development. Rapid development of society needs the intensive formation of a socially responsible personality at colleges and universities around a world.

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  • Development of the students' productive and receptive types of speech activity in the framework of the social and cultural spheres. Reading strategy: the viewing, search, detail. Authentic written texts. The process of formation of skills of writing.

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  • Overview of women entrepreneurship sector of Pakistan and Russia: analyzing gender gap and barriers, theoretical background. Minimizing regulatory obstacles for start-up. Increasing entrepreneurship education and skills. Easy accessibility of finance.

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  • Organizational problems that affect the decision. Socio-technical model and methodology of soft systems. Training users find information. The impact of structure in work. Free search system problems computer. Electronic communication as a critical mass.

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  • Analyze the socioeconomic determinants of prenatal consultation service as the components of prenatal care of women in the age group 15-49 years. Women education - an important determinant of prenatal care use. Characteristic of health policy in Pakistan.

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