• A discussion about the book, which theorizes an ongoing transition from a "modern" phenomenon of imperialism, centered around individual nation-states, to an emergent postmodern construct created among ruling powers which the authors call "Empire".

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  • The geographical location and natural conditions in Canada, particularly the state structure. General characteristics of the level of development of economy and industry. Population structure and religion, settlement types. Most major cities in Canada.

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  • The influence of European culture and traditions, especially the British and French, on Canadian culture. Ethnic groups, languages. Territories and Provinces. Description of the characteristics of a number of provinces. Inventions and Discoveries.

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  • Company and project costs of capital. Measuring the cost of equity. Setting discount rates w/o beta. Certainty equivalents. Discount rates for international projects. Measuring and estimated betas. Beta stability. Capital structure. International risk.

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  • Capital punishment is the practice of executing someone as punishment for a specific crime after a proper legal trial. According to Amnesty International. Examples execute capital punishment. Some points why it can be useful for the prisoner and society.

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  • Astana and Almaty as the biggest cities of Kazakhstan. Astana as the second coldest capital in the world, the average annual temperature. Bayterek as the most famous landmark in Astana. The legend behind this tower. Astana International Airport.

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  • T.H. Sumner was a sea captain during the 19th century. He is developed the celestial navigation method known as the Sumner Line. Two survey ships in the United States Navy have been named for him. The crater Sumner on the Moon is named after him.

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  • The preparation methods, and main characteristics of known catalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation have been examined. A short review in a tabular form which facilitates a quick view on catalysts for CO oxidation (mainly cobalt ones) is represented.

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  • Perspectives of electrochemical sensors for exploration to presence of toxic compounds in environment determination. Advantages of paste electrodes of multi-walled carbon nanotubes to mercury and chromium content in aqueous medium determination.

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  • Selecting the carbon pricing mechanism. Using the costs and benefits derived from regional climate and economic model in the analysis of prices Weitzman. Practical carbon pricing considerations. Integrated regional climate model and the economy in Russia.

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  • Description of the genus Carbonea. Descriptions of five species of Carbonea from the Carpathians and the Crimean Peninsula (C. aggregantula (Mull. Arg.) Diederich & Triebel, C. assimilis, C. vitellinaria and C. vorticosa), studies of herbarium specimen.

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  • Cardiogenic shock - an extreme degree of left ventricular failure, characterized by a sharp decrease in myocardial contractility. Etiology, pathogenesis and mechanisms. Forms of and the severity of Cardiogenic shock. Methods of treatment of disease.

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  • Analyse the available evidence on cardiovascular safety of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs as the cornerstone of pain management in patients with osteoarthritis and painful conditions. Myocardial infarction.

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  • Встречаемость и прогноз желудочковой диссинхронии. Сравнение медицинской терапии: Дигоксин, ИАПФ (ингибиторы ангиотензинпревращающего фермента) и бета-блокаторы. Симптомность и качество жизни пациентов. Роль эхокардиографии в ресинхонизирующей терапии.

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  • Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss - a German mathematician. His outstanding scientific achievements. The fundamentals of modern balancing and mathematical statistics (the least squares method). Developing number theory, analysis, differential geometry.

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  • Carlina onopordifolia як рідкісний, реліктовий вид, занесений до Червоної книги. Вивчення природньої популяції C. onopordifolia, результати експедиційних виїздів, а також опрацювання гербарних зборів Інституту ботаніки та Національного ботанічного саду.

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  • Theory on uncovered interest parity and trades. Description of tests on potential issues in data. Uncovered interest parity descriptive statistics and test results. Descriptive statistics of carry trade test. Theoretical framework and related literature.

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  • Сущность структурного подхода к разработке информационных систем. Методология функционального моделирования SADT: состав функциональной модели, иерархия диаграмм, основные типы связей между функциями. Построение иерархии диаграмм потоков данных.

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  • Предпосылки появления, обзор и успешное внедрение Case-средств. Автоматическая генерация схем и средств концептуального моделирования баз данных. Визуальное моделирование в Rational Rose, а также типы процессов разработки программного обеспечения.

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  • Изучение рабочего интерфейса программы IBM Rational Rose 2003, назначение операций главного меню. Добавление актера на диаграмму вариантов использования и редактирование его свойств. Особенности разработки диаграмм вариантов использования в данной среде.

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