• Human reproductive cloning - suggests that an individual who was born as a result of cloning is named, civil rights, education, education - in short, life is the same as all the "normal" people. Therapeutic cloning human. Limited and problematic method.

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  • Part of Chaucer’s attention in the Canterbury Tale. Clothes as an indication of the social status of people. The law defines the style of clothing. Feature story acting persons and their clothing. The versatility of the plot due the attention to clothes.

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  • Identification and characterization of features cloud computing as an alternative to the classical model of education. Research and analysis values of the modern information technologies. Familiarization with some providers of the cloud solutions.

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  • Избыточность как условием, обеспечивающее возможность восстановления "разрушенного" речевого сообщения. Степень правильности восстановления текста как показатель его "читабельности". Исследование и анализ результатов серии экспериментов типа cloze tests.

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  • The study of the peripheral nuclear interactions in 14N dissociation at 2.1A GeV in nuclear emulsion. The leading role of the multiple fragmentations in the most peripheral nucleus interactions. The production of unusual states for this channel.

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  • History and development Coca-Cola Company. Opening first Coca-Cola's syrup manufacturing plant outside Atlanta in Dallas Texas. Analyzes Coca-Cola’s internal environment. Capitalizing off Coca-Cola's strengths and work to minimize their weaknesses.

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  • The role of Pemberton, the invention names the drink "Coca-Cola", the story of the creation of the brand as the most famous brand in the world. The evolution of the famous bottle of Coca-Cola, the new drink. Current state "Coca-Cola" on the market.

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  • История создания и основные этапы развития исследуемой компании, оценка ее места и значения на современном рынке. Анализ конкурентных преимуществ выпускаемой продукции, ее актуальность и распространенность, ассортимент. Дальнейшие перспективы бизнеса.

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  • Кока-Кола - поставщик № 1 питьевой воды, напитков, соков, нектаров, готовых к употреблению чаев и кофе. Получение прав на товарные знаки. Задачи продвижения брендов. Миссия и общие ценности компании. Прирост продаж в сегменте газированных напитков.

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  • Коммерческая деятельность по выбору организационных форм розничной торговли и методов продажи товаров на примере ОАО "ЦУМ Минск". Основные пути совершенствования коммерческой деятельности по организации розничной продажи товаров и ее стимулированию.

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  • Replacing symbolic information, such as a sequence of bits or a message written in a natural language, by another message using different symbols. The properties of arithmetic coding. The problem of reliable communication. Coding natural languages.

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  • From the Riddles of Ancient Egypt to Cryptography in the Renaissance — 3500 Years in the Making. Three Post-Renaissance Centuries. Symmetric-Key and Public-Key Cryptography. Electronic Mail and Internet Security. Noncryptographic Security Issues.

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  • Characterization of the foundations of modern cryptography for practitioners. Description of codes for error detection. Definition of advance in coding theory and cryptography. The main advances in algebraic geometry codes and coding in cryptology.

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  • Models of 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate in organic synthesis and their reactions. Syntheses using mononucleophiles and binucleophiles. Molecular mechanism of carbon transfer reactions. Designs of models of coenzyme 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate.

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  • Общая характеристика историко-философской проблемы. Аналитика базовых интуиций мировоззрения. Определение сущности хаоса, мира как тавтологии. Учение о природе истины. Эмпирическое в философском знании. Бытие в сфере мысли (данные о культуре мышления).

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  • The article examines cognitive and structural-semantic parameters of the speech act of political apology by identifying its salient characteristics and pragmatic significance. The study sets out different types of political apology in the media discourse.

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  • Functional style: definition and classification. The problem of belles-lettres style. Scientific prose and publicistic styles peculiarities. The style of official documents and English newspapers. Stylistic classification of the English vocabulary.

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  • Causes loss of memory and mental capacity of the person. Review of studies on the relationship between Alzheimer's disease and cognitive disorders. Psychological regularities of development of cognitive engagement. Risk factors of brain diseases.

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  • Cognitive aspects of moral decision making as an intellectual phase of moral choice. The theory of cognitive development proposed by American psychologist L. Kohlberg, which could be applicable to the analysis of reasoning in the decision making process.

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  • The meaning of the term "cognitive analysis method" in the framework of linguistic research. The nature and the peculiarities of the language. Ontology speech activity on the basis of objectivity and subjectivity of the information received in study.

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