• The study of the notion of a fixed cash income. The definition of the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the interest rate. Description of notions about the bonds and pricing. The study of LIBOR forward rates on the modern money market.

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  • Critical analysis of corporate bonds Morgan Stanley. Summary of different types of risks associated with investing in bonds, price sensitivity analysis under different scenarios, the calculation of total revenue dollars and the fair value of the bond.

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  • Изобретение флэш-памяти. Энергонезависимая перезаписываемая полупроводниковая память. Ячейка флэш-памяти. Преимущества флэш-памяти перед жесткими дисками и носителями CD-ROM. Стирание содержимого ячеек, скорость записи, оптимизация быстродействия.

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  • Что такое Flash-память. Процесс записи и стирания информации для ячеек NOR и NAND. Основные характеристики Flash-памяти. Сравнение времени доступа, скорости чтения и записи Flash-памяти разных производителей. Карты Flash-памяти. USB Flash-диски.

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  • FlexMaster System box with sequences for root canals. Torque-controlled rotary motion. The cutting blade design of K-type files. FlexMasters instruments are among the most comprehensively investigated rotary NiTi instruments. Geometry, design of files.

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  • The definition of flooding. Characteristics of its main causes: rain, melting snow, wind setting the water on the coast, increasing water levels in the river. The history of flooding of the States in America. The government's actions in case of flooding.

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  • Introduction to geographical information about the South American state of Florida: the analysis of climate, economy and population. Сharacteristics’ of the largest cities in the state. Consideration of the formation and development of the Florida.

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  • The longitudinal direction remains after removal of the known correlation-inducing effects such as elliptic flow and ordinary jet correlations. The analysis of the evolution of the energy density in the system with high density tube-like fluctuations.

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  • Research of normal eyes and eyes with corneal diseases using slit-lamp equipped with a camera. Lymphatics in the conjunctiva and the cornea. Singh canal with triple connections – corneal channel network, Schlemm canal and conjunctival lymphatics.

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  • The method of synthesis of fluorinated heterocycles. The use of mono- and 1,3-dicarbonyl substrates and their nitrogen-containing analogues. Biological activity, physical and chemical properties of heterocyclic compounds with perfluoroalkyl groups.

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  • Fundamentals of the theory focal infection. Consistent application of her disease for which medicine has no clue about a good cause. Description of bacterial endocarditis. Infection in dentistry, prosthetic joints. Classification of oral microorganisms.

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  • Modern marketing concept. Using market research as an action tool. Consumer behavior in marketing. The concept of product. Product’s time of life. Marketing price, package, brand. Objectives and strategies of advertising. Getting outstanding advertising.

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  • Description of food as the most important human needs. Examples of recipes from different cultures around the world. The cult of food in different historical epochs. Characteristic of Food Guide Pyramid like one of the diets based on good nutrition.

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  • The national dish of England. Brief history and tradition of English cuisine. Traditional British Sunday lunch. Traditional drinks in England. Traditional pastries and desserts English cuisine. Traditional English tea party, tea party invitation.

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  • Getting to know the peculiarities of the traditional British breakfast. Food as a source of energy for human life. Сharacteristics of the British, American and Kazakh cuisine. Features of influence of the traditions of planning the human diet worldwide.

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  • History of the Cossacks is currently of great interest of researchers in Russia and Ukraine. Questions of history of the Cossacks are poorly structured in a global context. Is an attempt to identify the key points to the genesis of the Cossack community.

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  • Development of design ballpoint freewheel for autorotation starters midline internal combustion engines. Definition of force interaction and maximum torque for the case where the grooves of one coupling half live in the manufacturing technology.

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  • Using a neural network to predict the impact of risks of foreign economic contracts on the profitability of an enterprise. The method of optimization of functions. Minimizing the negative impact of risks on the effectiveness of foreign economic activity.

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  • A study of the housing market. The role of deflationary pressure increase in defaults on mortgage loans. The impact of monetary policy on housing prices and mortgage rates. The choice of model parameters for the analysis of housing and mortgage crisis.

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  • Analysis of the features of capital inflows to european countries. Method for determining the overall shape of a fixed-effect model. Characteristics of the main causes of a significant increase in gross domestic product in Central and Eastern Europe.

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