• The fabrication of a molecular transistor based on a single molecule trapped in a few-layer graphene nanogap. The three-terminal transistors. Feedback-controlled electroburning. The current-voltage characteristic. The measure electron transport.

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  • Facebook, , . , "", . "" .

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  • Facebook as a social networking service launched in February 2004. Facts and experts opinion concerning using it. Join common-interest user groups or organized by workplace. Update like enough to keep your page interesting. Questions for beginners.

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  • Identify of weather PKC-d gene silencing using siRNAs restores K+ channels function in VSM damaged following arterial hypertension and diabetic development. Induction of diabetes. Total mRNA isolation and real time (RT)-polymerase chain reaction.

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  • Concept and health indicators, the impact on his bad habits. A study of factors that influence the choice of people to stick to a certain type of lifestyle on the example of people aged 14 to 40 years old. The stages of the analysis and the results.

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  • External factors having impact on the development of logistics globalization, internationalization and integration in all spheres of social life. Necessity of studying and systematizing the factors which influence development of logistics in Ukraine.

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  • The concept and content of tolerance, its role and importance in the modern world. Language diversity and self-esteem: interaction effect. Methodology: conceptualizing, operalizationalizing, methods. Distribution of tolerance toward immigrants.

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  • Brief biographical information about the life of F. Haber - a German chemist and Nobel laureate. Investigation the reaction of nitrogen with hydrogen, which produces ammonia. The essence of Le Chatelier's Principle. The main function of the catalyst.

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  • Credit organization and its risks, definition of insolvency and the process of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy models: Altmans, Tafflers, Beavers, Argenis. Description of explanatory variables and bankruptcy prediction model. Classical econometric methods.

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  • The best options for family winter vacations anywhere in Michigan. Family-friendly summer vacations in Vermont. The town of Killington is equally wonderful during the summer months as a preferred ski destination of city dwellers. Vacation in Yelloustone.

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  • George Washington - first president of the United States of America. Jefferson ontribution in the struggle for independence and the formation. Abraham Lincoln politics. Theodore Roosevelt's role in the development of policy and the economy of America.

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  • Andrew Lloyd Webber as famous British composer. Biography, childhood and student years of the composer. History of modern musical theater and his works as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Phantom of the Opera", "Cats" and about a dozen other successful works.

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  • Review and analysis of the biography and particular activity of Edward Jenner, who created vaccine for smallpox created from cowpox. Research and characterization of contributions to microbiology Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch and Alexander Fleming.

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  • CaptainJames Cook as a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, captain in theRoyal Navy. Short buography by sir Isaac Newton. The first practicalreflecting telescope, atheory of colour. William Shakespeareas an Englishpoet,playwright, actor.

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  • National clothing in Great Britain. The 20th century fashion. Scottish national kilt. Traditional clothing of English women. Great British fashion designers. Five most talented fashion designers. The work of fashion designer and vegetable fibres.

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  • Basic nutritional preferences of today's youth. There are many reasons for the popularity of fast food. The change in lifestyle people. Serious health and social effects. The main implications of nutrition fast food for health. The threat of obesity.

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  • Support Vector Machine (SVM). Optimization problem (mainly Quadratic Programming). Interior Point Method. Mainstream methods to solve Quadratic Programming problem. Incomplete Cholesky factorization and Kronecker factorization. Reform SVM training.

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  • Method of fast analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) signals with improved dynamic parameters. Structural diagram of high-speed analog-to-digital Converter and analysis of dynamic range for the Converter. Consistent structural capacity malacostraca ADC.

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  • Description of the history of the fast-food at various stages of its development, the identification of positive and negative aspects of fast-food. Identify the reasons why people eat fast food. The relation of people to fast food. History Hamburger.

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  • Preface to the Updated Edition. Levels of Support: Diplomatic, Material, Ideological. Domestic Pressure Groups and their Interests. American Liberalism and Ideological Support for Israel. The Rational Basis for Attacking the Civilian Population.

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