• Translation of an abbreviations and acronyms as the object of linguistic research. The problem of communication. Translation examples of acronyms and abbreviations by the example of scientific and technical texts. Methods of decoding Kazakh language.

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  • Innovative development of economy is the chance for Ukraine to ensure a breakthrough in creating competitive products and a income. The features of the concept and operation of the venture business. The concept of a venture fund in the legislation.

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  • Analysis concept of semiconductor is a solid whose electrical conductivity is in between that of a conductor and that of an insulator. Familiarization with the methods carrier recombination. Description features of preparation of semiconductor materials.

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  • Analysis of the common European foreign policy: who first? The treacheries of a European identity. Historical roots of a political profile. The reasons of the rejection from Eurocentrism that inspiring of the Kantian hope for a global domestic policy.

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  • Geopolitical situation of the country. Simien Mountains National Park. Ras Dashen highest mountain of Africa. Awash National Park. Waterfalls, hot springs. The Blue Nile Falls is a waterfall on the Blue Nile river. Lake Tana the largest lake in Ethiopia.

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  • Improved myocardial contractility. Reducing end-diastolic volume. Significant improvements in functional capacity of patients with chronic heart failure and quality of life. Transplantation of stem cells of fetal origin in treatment as effective method.

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  • A conception of the systemic-structural definition of Lithuanian executive authorities. Analysis of legal acts on the basis of which the system of power may be determined. The status of the President of the Republic with regard to the executive power.

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  • Fiber optic gyro, metallic resonator Coriolis vibratory gyro main accuracy parameters are compared. Manufacturers of the analyzed gyros are from Russia (FOG) and Ukraine (CVG). Bias components calculation at stable temperature are also given and compared.

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  • Supplier of composite profiles. The Swiss window market. Creative sensory marketing. Main activities of the company today. Fiberline aims to create amongst private customers, mainly focusing on the German and Swiss market. The German window market.

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  • The theory of the scalar field, directed derivative. The calculation of the line integral. The divergence of vector fields, their properties. Complex numbers and operations with them. The concept of differentiability and analytic function of the complex.

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  • Exited fields which provide relativistic electron bunches in plasma. The purpose of this paper is to show by simulation that one can derive and achieve conditions of identical and uniform focusing of sequence of short relativistic electron bunches.

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  • The evolutionary strategy of multi-tier WDR - filters with LM-modes, optimized with original knowledge-based CAD system designing is tested. The designing of filters, which are intended for the next generation of millimeter waveband wireless systems.

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  • Problems of training high-class tennis players. Analysis of direct preparation for competitions Junior Masters of Europe. Estimation of total loadings and ratios of training means a different orientation. The phase character of the formation of fitness.

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  • Major problems of corporate finance in the telecommunications sector and the creation of modern economic thinking. Characteristics of deep and complex understanding of economic issues and financial performance management sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

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  • Substantiation of necessity of financial analysis, on the example of a commercial firm. The role of analysis for raising capital in the company. Development of recommendations to improve the external and internal financing and increase your profits.

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  • Economic analysis as a method involving division of economical processes into individual components in order to examine the relationship between them. Characteristics of the main indicators of liquidity and solvency of the banking sector in Poland.

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  • The basic concept and terms in bankruptcy proceedings. Features of the application of the law on bankruptcy of Kazakhstan, аcceptance, deliberating and fraudulent. Organization of bankruptcy proceedings of insolvent enterprises. Financial planning-rescue.

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  • The check for bubble driven by investors with extrapolative expectations. Adjusted weights of value, growth signals. New model of expectation formation. Empirical analysis. Noise trader risk in financial markets. Contrarian investment and extrapolation.

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  • Interpretation of the concept of "financial instability" and the factors leading to the occurrence of such a phenomenon. A comprehensive study of the relationship between financial instability and the global crisis, the determinants of their combination.

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  • Financial statements, analysis, planning and forecasting. Structure of national financial system. Institutions and capital markets. Administration and control in a firm. Alternative forms of business organization. Hierarchy of the stakeholders goals.

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