• Description of changes in British sculpture from the XIX century. Examples of of outstanding works by famous authors in different years. Analysis of the compositions of the memorial Gilbert. America as the centre for the production and criticism of art.

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  • Shaken Aimanov as an actor, film director and father of Kazakh cinematography. Receiving the State Prize of the USSR for his work in the theater, and the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR, awarding the Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner of Labour.

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  • Expression of emotion as the main component for emo. Identify features of character and style subculture. Basic elements of hairstyles and clothes, the colors of the benefits. The main directions in music: "Remainder" by Rites of Spring, "If I Could".

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  • A General idea of the youth subculture "Teddy-boy". The clothing style of young people from the working class, seeking to emulate the Golden youth. The behavioral appearance of the fashion trends. The decline of the popularity considered subculture.

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  • Richness and diversity of Indian religious and philosophical doctrines. The culture of India. Family structure and marriage. Traditional clothing in India. Amazing music and dance. Sports and martial arts. The doctrine of the "four noble truths".

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  • The product design is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Elaboration of the look, ergonomics, decorative features and variability. The company Walkman became a symbol of generations and one of the most successful brands of the XX century.

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  • Memory of the World Register for being the world's first full-length feature film by UNESCO "The Story of the Kelly Gang". The various explanations for subsequent demise of the industry. An era of resurgence in worldwide popularity of Australian cinema.

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  • The characteristics and essence of the political, cultural, economic, national, and religious aspects of social identity. The impact of festivals on various spheres of life, their purpose. The role and description of festivals as a cultural tool.

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  • Analysis of the impact of culture on human evolution through the prism of energy and information aspects, allowing you to human culture as a process that controls the development of man. Learning stages of self-organization and self-development.

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  • Creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Creation by Giuseppe Arcimboldo of portrait of Rudolph II , as well as his self-portrait as the Four Seasons.

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  • Specificity of the mechanism of perception and expression in the national culture. The study of the traditions of entertainment events in the world of cultural and information spaces. Ways of realization of creative interests and needs of society.

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  • British Traditional Ceremonies, Holidays and their Classification. The traditions of Britain's Government. British national holidays. British traditional festivals. British National Character and British People’s Way of Life. National character.

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  • Familiarity with the admission to the history of american music, analysis of the basic steps. Jazz as an American art form, which originated around the beginning of the ХХ century. Peculiarities of the formation of cinematography in the United States.

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  • The Scottish wedding is a curious mix of tales of chivalry, rituals, religions. The most important season and weekday which they are chose for a marriage ceremony. At night before wedding. The three stages of significant day. A "Luckenbooth" brooch.

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  • New Year as one of the biggest, beloved and cherished holidays. Characteristics of the main Christmas holiday traditions. Evergreen wreaths on and over the doors and colorful stockings hang by the fireplace one of the types of household ornaments.

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  • Some facts from the history of The USA. The largest cities. The highest peak - Mount McKinley. The longest river - Mississippi. The Grand canyon. Crater Lake. Famous attractions of the United States of America. Lincoln Memorial. Washington Monument.

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  • The mission of The Walt Disney Company. Studio Entertainment, Media Networks as a constituent of the company. The Foundation of the company. Financial data, business strategy, сonsumer products. Famous cartoons and films. Disneyland Parks and Resorts.

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  • A description of the organizational foundations of the London theatres. Features of the architecture of Shakespeare's Globe. The National theatre and Covent Garden as the most famous of his representatives. The history and purpose of their creation.

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  • Traditions and customs are considered cultural heritage of each country. Interesting customs associated with the culture of tea. Legendary race between the two universities - Oxford and Cambridge. The tradition of working class "Pearl kings and queens".

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  • Thanksgiving as a time to give thanks for your family, friends, and material needs. The pardoning of a turkey as White House tradition. Festive spirit, shopping spree, helps the shopkeepers to register maximum sales and profits of "Black Friday".

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