• Suggests an approach to the creation of the semantic and ontological model of knowledge of technical and technological potential of economic security of an enterprise. Offered to use mivar technologies to design technical potential of economic security.

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  • Analysis of the reasons of cyclic crises of economic systems. Analysis of the stages of technological potential of economic safety of the enterprise. Study of mivar technologies for design technical and technological potential of economic security.

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  • The phenomenon of corruption. The problems of evaluation methodology and features of volumes and directions of development of corruption at the country level. The model of corruption interrelations between unemployment, competence and productivity.

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  • The trends of strategic delegation, R&D and product differentiation. The authors distinguish between two kinds of delegation: partial and full delegation, in the context of both spillovers and product differentiation endogenously determined by firms.

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  • Построение полного класса PHI-функций для моделирования отношения включения объектов, имеющих форму цилиндра, параллелепипеда, правильной призмы и шара в цилиндрический, параболоидный контейнер. Описание ограничения включения в аналитическом виде.

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  • Methods of identification, evaluation, treatment and monitoring of operational risk have been generalized and systematized. The methodology for decision support system of operational risk management based on Bayesian techniques has been developed.

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  • Discuss a number of procedures that are designed for testing the specification of econometric models, concerned with the numerical properties of these OLS estimates and refer to certain properties of estimates as "numerical" if they have nothing to do.

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  • Сущность модели процесса, изображаемого S-образной (логистической) кривой на примере жизненного цикла товара. Учет явлений, называемых "сопротивление среды", при построении прогнозов. Примеры процессов, хорошо подчиняющихся S-образной модели развития.

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  • In this study problem of short-term forecasting for coal and crude oil production in Ukraine. Autoregressive and optimal filtering algorithm for linear systems based upon autoregressive model of second order were constructed for short term forecasting.

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  • The review method is intended to determine the properties of steel materials. Modeling neural networks to clarify the characteristics of metals. Determination of the values of the properties of steels. Structure of expert system of assessment materials.

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  • The method of linear programming (simplex method) as the method of systematic improvement and quality management, in particular the formation of grinding compounds, and the use of the resulting models to predict, control and optimize the process.

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  • The theoretical foundations and applied problems of forecasting of man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level. Summary of theoretical principles of application of fuzzy sets as an effective mathematical tool.

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  • The models for calculating the number of buses of different types depending on the variable passenger time and a specified interval of vehicles. The analysis of the influence of the speed of vehicles on the total costs of motor transport enterprises.

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  • Electronic virtual markets can serve as an alternative tool for collecting information spread among numerous experts. Two motivation approaches compared via participant's activity represented by both the volume of trades and the number of transactions.

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  • The main principles of public procurement law in Russia. All categories of goods and services. Review strong restrictions that regulate behavior of national customers. Modern problems by the participants of the public procurement system in the country.

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  • The basic concept of defining the availability of urban infrastructure for people with limited mobility. The options to improve algorithm of vehicles equipped to transport people with limited mobility in the logistics system of public passenger transport.

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  • Presentation of two-step recommendation model based on Contrast Analysis and Matrix Factorization techniques which mutually complement each other. Providing brief overview of different Matrix Factorization approaches. Founding Influence search algorithm.

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  • Определение сущности U-критерия Манна-Уитни – непараметрического статистического критерия, используемого для сравнения двух независимых выборок. Ознакомление с процессом разделения единого ранжированного ряда. Анализ интерпретации значения U-критерия.

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  • The potential loss in value of a risky asset or portfolio over a defined period for a given confidence interval. Historical and Monte Carlo Simulation. Value at Risk as a risk assessment tool at banks and other financial service firms in the last decade.

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  • Measurement of potential losses in the value of the asset VaR. Approaches that are used to compute Value at Risk: the variance-covariance approach, the historical and the Monte Carlo simulations. Risk assessment value at risk as a qualitative tool.

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