• Algorithm for finding the optimal size of the resource of the shop, the demand for which is an inquiry random variable. The distribution of the law of demand on the basis of statistical data and the mathematical wait of which is a dim triangular number.

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  • The clinical significance of the expression of iron-containing proteins ferritin and transferrin in tumor cells of patients with breast cancer. Evaluation of the correlation dependences of the parameters of expression of these proteins in tumor cells.

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  • Estimation of methods of fuzzy sets and linguistic variables. Investigation of the correlation between the functional design of wooden furniture and the measure of customer satisfaction according to Taiwan. Research of the basic needs of clients.

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  • Communication is a means of transmitting information, there are several ways of how people can do so. Language as an instrument of communication. The language of law is the study object of this thesis. Style is the study object of stylistics, grammar.

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  • Synthesis of new series of derivatives of methyl 4, 6-o-(4-methoxybenzylidene)-b-D-glucopyranoside direct acylation with a wide range of acylating agents. Spectral and elemental analysis data of antibacterial action of the synthesized compounds.

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  • Intelligent Transportation System with autonomic functions that are cyber-physical in nature is of rapidly increasing importance for traffic efficiency and safety. This can lead to the loss of many of the benefits in regard to traffic efficiency.

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  • Any lesion that affects the dentition is as a dental trauma and its effect. Classification systems for traumatic dental injuries. Assessment of the criteria used for the diagnostic classification of dental injuries from an epidemiological standpoint.

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  • The problem of parametric identification of mathematical models of reservoir systems for the porosity and permeability functions of ground rock. A solve the problem based on the gradient projection method with minimization of a squared quality criterion.

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  • Objectives of the pension system. Individual objectives. Public policy objectives. Pillars of the pension system. Defined benefit, defined contribution, notional defined contribution. non-actuarial fairness. Market failure. Impact of the pension system.

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  • Studying the first diagnosed of smear- and culture-positive tuberculosis. Determining a tuberculin skin test. Limited transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from a potentially highly infectious passenger to other persons during extended travel.

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  • Description and study of electrodynamic processes in simple metaldielectric waveguide. Determination of the structure of the electromagnetic field in the waveguide, parameters of the guide system of dispersion equations and parameters of their own waves.

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  • Study of the article lexicology as industries of linguistics, its connection with the sections of linguistics. Description of word as an element of language. Correlation of phonetic and semantic types of motive in lexical units of English and Ukrainian.

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  • The theoretical workbench for real time network modeling. Implement different transition firing rules in A-nets. The Matlab as a Simulink block library. Execution time and facilitating model understanding. A-nets for message transmission modeling.

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  • Актуальність проблеми організації трудового виховання учнів в умовах реформування української освіти. Формування чіткої системи організації постійно діючих загонів у сільськогосподарській колонії. Науковий аналіз педагогічної спадщини А.С. Макаренка.

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  • Диборид титана как твердая керамика, которая обладает отличной теплопроводностью, устойчивостью к окислению и высокой стойкостью к механической эрозии. Знакомство с атомной структурой R/TiB2(0001) (R = W, N, O). Анализ свойств нестехиометрических систем.

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  • The study of creativity of Abay Kunanbayev, a well-known educator, composer, interpreter, social worker, philosopher, reformer, and the founder of Kazakh written literary language. His study of social trends and Economics 2 half of the XIX century.

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  • Abay Kunanbayev and its role in social and cultural life of Kazakhstan. The essence of language in his mission. The contribution of Kunanbaev in bringing the lyrical poetry of the second half of the ХIХ and early ХХ century to the classical level.

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  • Требования к активации и регистрации системы оптического распознавания текстов, предназначенной для конвертирования документов и изображений. Перечень поддерживаемых форматов в редакторе ABBYY FineReader. Правила редактирования гиперссылок и таблиц.

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  • The statement of general medical topics, principles of teaching educational theory, research with practical reinforcement questions and learning: teaching small groups; skill based assessment; written assessments; аpplying educational theory in practice.

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  • Discussing how activity-based costing and time-driven activity-based costing technique can be applied in the context of higher education institutions. Use of the term assignment. Move from cost allocation to quantity recourse driver allocation.

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