• The study of the structure of the developed dynamic link library of routines for processing radar ( EISCAT) incoherent scatter signal simulator with the help of complex software, GUISDAP and MATLAB, and examples of its application in Ukraine in our time.

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  • Britain after the Romans. Saxon kings. Border Battles. The Coming of the Vikings. The Danes Move into England. The Kingdom of Wessex. Guthrum and the Danelaw. Jorvik, a Viking City. The Golden Age and Struggle for Power. The invasion of the Normans.

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  • Frederic Jameson is by general acclaim the leading Marxist critic in North America. Twelve-tone Philosophy: Another Kind of Writing. Nominalism, and the Eclipse of the Subject. The diagnosis of postmodernism as a new form of positivism is a shrewd one.

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  • Development of a method for time series prediction, which dynamically finds weights for the input factors. Validation of the proposed method on a set of real time series, the assessment of its results in comparison with the method used as the base.

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  • Effect of the segregation of electrically active dopants. Diffusion theory of the hole current. Polysilicon emitter contacts and its dependence on dopant concentration. Hole mobility versus grain size for two values of the total dopant concentration.

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  • Internal and external incentives to cooperate. Methods for estimation company's tendency to cooperate. Classification of companies from survey sample by cooperation. Model including manufacturing, energy & chemical and construction & real estate.

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  • Consideration of the current trend of research on the relationship between social ties and productivity. The impact of social interaction on staff self-esteem. The consequences of a rigid structuring of workflows. Analysis of tools for organizing tasks.

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  • The impacting social relationships on productivity. Competitive company model being adopted in Europe, structure workflows. Тools that can help organizations be more flexible. Development and introduction of new methods for increasing labor productivity.

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  • A new algorithm for parallel fault simulation of VLSI on multicore workstations with common memory was proposed. The results of computational experiments on ISCAS-89 benchmarks circuits, which are obtained on the 12-core workstation, were reported.

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  • Described the tripeptide neutrophil chemoattractant N-acetyl Pro-Gly-Pro, derived from a breakdown of extracellular matrix, which shares sequence and structural homology with an important domain on alpha chemokines. Right ventricular hypertrophy in mice.

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  • The implementation of the Third Basel Accord raises many technical issues regarding the validation of credit risk models. Bank regulators will to testing model validation processes in order to examine the predictive accuracy of banks’ credit scoring.

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  • Proverbs as the quintessence of the collective folk wisdom, the enduring tradition coming from generation to generation. The interpretation of the polymorphic nature of the context and competence, understanding of the limitation in using the language.

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  • The essence of the model of social protection in Kazakhstan. Features of the geographical location and the national structure of the country. The use of forecasting methods for the formation of public policy. Determination of economic development trends.

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  • Concept and a general characteristic fashion, the stages of its origin and development, as well as the main factors affecting this process. Assessment of the role and importance of fashion in today's society, a description of the common areas and trends.

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  • Radiographic healing after retrograde filling. Extracted tooth held in forceps. Glass ionomer and zinc oxide-eugenol cements, calcium-hydroxide liner, temporary filling material. AH 26 as root canal sealer. Retrograde gutta-percha with various sealers.

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  • Dental implants have provided an alternative for replacing missing teeth. The discussion the advantages of screw-retained versus cement-retained implant restorations and its biologic and financial costs. Some complications that may arise after prosthesis.

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  • The concept of the Local Volatility. The products which call for more accurate forecast of options pricing - is a significant business in financial world. The questions regarding local volatility is the mathematical background of the local volatility.

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  • Movement of particles in the dielectric fluid toward the electrode of opposite charge. The study of the electrical and optical properties of the electrophoretic display composition of the suspension. Key factors determining the quality of the image.

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  • Following outline of crisis definitions by the crisis management field researchers, reasoning regarding the essence of crises, their impact on enterprises are presented. Conclusions are made regarding the further organizational crisis concept research.

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  • Resumption of fertility and productivity of chernozem steppe short of crop rotations dependent on mulching tillage system. Microelement’s balance in intensive crop rotations of a steppe zone of Ukraine. Formation of High-Yielding Sunflower Crops.

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