• The unicorn as a legendary animal. The historical origins of legends about him. Unicorns in antiquity, in Middle Ages and Renaissance. Traditional method of hunting. The famous late Gothic series of seven tapestry of the Unicorn. Image on the heraldry.

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  • The occurrence of legionnaires’ disease in passengers of cruise ships. International system of surveillance health authorities. A first documented evidence of the involvement of a water supply system in the transmission of legionella infection on ships.

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  • Разработка специальных комплектов LEGO для учебных целей. Развитие элементов логического мышления в процессе работы с конструктором. LEGO-технология и ее значение в коррекции развития детей с нарушениями зрения. Сенсорное развитие чувств у дошкольников.

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  • The Yijing/Binary System Episode involved Leibniz' discovery of a de facto representation of the binary number system in the sixty-four-hexagram Fu Xi "Yijing." Understood and recognized the importance of the double geometric progression in the diagram.

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  • Familiarizing with the history of Lenina Avenue which is the main street of Tomsk. Review and description of Siberian Imperial University which was opened in 1888’s. Study and analysis of architectural features of the merchant Vtorov’s building.

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  • L'analyse des relations entre le developpement des nouvelles technologies de l'technologies des telecommunications et de la formation de la societe civile, ainsi que les tendances de leur developpement en tenant compte des specificites nationales.

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  • Lesson Study как педагогический подход, представляющий собой особую форму исследования в действии на уроках, направленную на совершенствование знаний в области учительской практики. Правовые основы деятельности областных экспериментальных площадок.

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  • A feature of studying this perfect period. Analysis of the passive voice structures. Characteristics of participles and participial constructions. The essence of complex forms of time. Definition of derivatives and lungs for the confusion of words.

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  • The study of the peculiarities of the geographical position Scotland, administrative division, capital city, population, language, currency, major cities, cultural traditions and local cuisine. Hobbies local children, achievements of famous people.

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  • Leukotrienes play an role in inflammation and its sequelae: pain, swelling, bone resorption. their history, structure, synthesis, metabolism, biological effects, inhibitors, antagonists, and their role in pathogenesis of pulpal and periapical disease.

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  • Classification level of development of new technologies in the BSR countries using a synthetic development measure. Grouping with the help of cluster analysis. Identify the most important features that determine their development and use as a roadmap.

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  • The essence of levers of regulation and improve the efficiency of investment activities in the region in terms of regional economy, management, theory and practice of investment. Classification of levers of regulation of investment activity in the region.

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  • A transit time of light through the system. The magnetic field oscillations. The studying a Faraday’s law. The resistance of an electric wires and contacts. Levitation of conductors in an oscillating field. Methods for choosing the discrete differences.

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  • Проблеми колізійного регулювання справ про неспроможність, ускладнених іноземним елементом. Шляхи вирішення колізійного питання про право, що застосовуватиметься до суті спору, які існують у світовій практиці розгляду справ про транскордонні банкрутства.

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  • Аналіз підходу Європейського суду з прав людини до проблем судової нормотворчості, поширювального тлумачення, аналогії у кримінально-правовій сфері, сформованих у практиці з застосування ст. 7 Конвенції про захист прав людини і основоположних свобод.

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  • The assaying of lexical and semantic structure of the concept multilingualism, which will allow us to define the complex of linguistic means verbalizing the concept and to single out the cognitive features which compile the concept under investigation.

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  • Newspaper's style. Context and its role in translation. Features of the translation of newspaper articles from Kazakh into English. Difficulties and replace some omissions of lexical and semantic nature. Cliches and some set expressions for translation.

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  • General characteristics of the problems of studying foreign languages. Consideration of the English language as a major international. Introduction to the history of translation. The linguistic theory of translation. Translation from English to Russian.

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  • Ways of forming compound words, classifications of English compounds. Secondary ways of wordbuilding and ways of forming phraseological units. Analyzes of syntactical classification of phraseological units. Local varieties of English on British isles.

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  • Fundamentals of lexicological theory in relation to the material of the English language. Principles and methods of analysis and the tenets of academic lexicography. Skills in the use of monolingual monolingual and bilingual translating dictionaries.

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