• Понятие и структура карнитина, оценка его главных преимуществ и недостатков, показания к применению и функциональные особенности. Анализ влияния данного препарата на скорость метаболизма, исследование и оценка эффективности его применения спортсменами.

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  • Направленный синтез низкомолекулярных биорегуляторов насекомых. Химические превращения производных 4-метилтетрагидропирана, l-ментола и рицинолевой кислоты. Синтез эндо- и экзогормонов насекомых на основе продуктов алкилирования ацетоуксусного эфира.

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  • Дослідження властивостей L-пiдгруп на скiнченних групах. Характеристика множини L-пiдгруп на циклічних групах деяких порядків з простими числами, квазіциклічній та нециклічній групі. Доведення математичних тверджень та приклади деяких L-пiдгруп.

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  • Підвищення вихідної активності ферменту шляхом оптимізації умов культивування продуценту. Вплив речовин різної хімічної природи на біосинтез та активність ферменту. Фізико-хімічні і каталітичні властивості ферментного препарату, специфічність його дії.

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  • Le probleme des pauvres et des personnes sans lieu de residence a New York. La solution de ce probleme merom M. Bloomberg. La reduction des depenses budgetaires. L'aggravation de la situation de la pauvrete en 2006 et les mesures de ses decisions.

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  • Planning financing of labor protection. Distribution functions of the objectives of SUOP between structural units and services company. Kinds of electromagnetic radiation over a frequency spectrum. Effects of radio frequency electromagnetic fields.

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  • Presenting of all episodes are in chronological order and logically connected. Analysis characters main characters and their feelings. Creating the illusion of an ideal family at the beginning of the story. Analysis of style "Lamb to the Slaughter".

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  • Automation of the design process of aircraft landing gear. Requirements for placement of the chassis on the aircraft: takeoff, landing, stability, handling and stability when taxiing etc. Empirical type models, motion and forces at the contact point.

    магистерская работа (6,1 M)
  • The distinctive features of a language barrier, its levels and causes. The occurrence of culture shock in the study of the English language to foreign students. Recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency of overcoming the language barrier.

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  • A language family as a group of related languages that developed from a common historic ancestor. Familiarity with the language, which can not be reliably classified into any family. General characteristics of the major language families of the world.

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  • Study of problems in modern psychological science of the phenomenon "language personality". Definition of psychological conditions and psychodactical methods of development of the language personality of the preschool child in the process of listening.

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  • The description of some linguistic methods, which politicians use in their speeches to make an impression on the audience. Analysis of speeches of American Presidents. Studying their real aims and goals, which they hide by saying powerful phrases.

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  • Determination of the specifics of the functioning of large taxpayers in Ukraine and the main directions of their development. The study of criterial and derivative features of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine, their concentration in the regional context.

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  • Selected types of larvae. List of larvae. Chrysalis, caterpillar, crustacean larvae. The life cycles of insects. The larva's appearance. Animals in the larval stage. Paralarvae are young cephalopods in the planktonic stages between hatchling and subadult.

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  • Capabilities of two plasma assisted methods based on a pulsed laser ablation and electrical discharges in liquid media for fabrication of metallic and composite nanoparticles. Production of metallic and composite nanoparticles with controlled parameters.

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  • Characterization of diamondlike carbon films laser light modification. The relationship between emanation energy density and structural changes in the membranes. Estimation of the phase composition of element materials by Raman scattering method.

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  • Laser applications in endodontics, their use in pulp diagnosis, dentinal hypersensitivity, pulpotomy, sterilization of root canals, root canal shaping and obturation and apicectomy. The effects of laser on root canal walls and periodontal tissues.

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  • Describing of Bony fish assemblage of Pocsesti is more or less similar to other late Sarmatian localities within the territory of Paratethys on faunistic composition and taxonomic diversity. The morphology of the pharyngeal teeth of carp fishes.

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  • Особенности профессиональной, русской полиграфии. Набор формул: символы и шрифты, индексы, надстрочные и построчные знаки, радикалы и дроби. Тонкости с пробелами и промежутками. Набор текста: выделение, выравнивание, управление переносами слов и пр.

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  • Characteristics of the mission and goals of the company. The location and Laundry facilities. Market analysis and key competitors. Pricing strategy in this field. Brief description of the office. The preparation of the financial plan of the organization.

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