• History of inventing technology of a mechanical television system by John Baird. Patenting idea of using arrays of transparent rods to transmit images. The first televised pictures of objects in motion. Demonstrating the television by infra-red light.

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  • Ознакомление с английскими названиями частей часов. Обучение детей говорить время по часам. Формирование грамматических навыков в построении предложений. Развитие умений в диалогической речи на уровне микродиалога. Расширение кругозора учащихся.

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  • New facile method for the controllable synthesis of high quality single-phase nanowires with from nanowires templates. Detailed characterization of the superconducting and transport properties of nanowires. Synthesis of porous nanowires and nanotubes.

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  • Characteristic main features of the location, velocity and the acceleration of the focal point which are determined with taking the group speed of laser radiation into consideration. Definition of the acceleration of the focal point at the exit.

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  • Phenomena such as memory, experience, observation, anticipation and hope are all essential for the way time is understood. Modern issues in temporal logic. The Master Argument of Diodorus Cronus. Logic and Special Relativity. Graphs for Time and Modality.

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  • An overview of the materials and techniques used for short, long-term restorations during and immediately after endodontic treatment, and to make clinical recommendations. Bacterial infection is the most common cause of pulpal and periradicular disease.

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  • The studies all patients admitted in the hospital with carbon monoxide intoxications. The absence of mortality diseased. Patients with low and moderate intoxication had not any complications or adverse events due to the hyperbaric oxygenation therapy.

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  • Terminological sphere in new branches of economic science, new economic theories that have appeared in the period of market economic relations development. The main ways of word formation in general and in particular the terms of word formation.

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  • The study of peculiarities of the implementation of the transport potential of Ukraine. A description of the main problems hindering the development of the national transport market. Justification of directions of its further effective development.

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  • Approaching the analysis, validation of approach and tools used. The business made in electronic form. Acquaintance and justification of the tools used in the analysis. Force to exit or establish different format. Development of distribution centers.

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  • Nicola’s Tesla biography and his inventions: cooperation with Thomas Edison; induction motor invention; experiments on a carbon button lamp and on various types of lighting, cooperation with J. Morgan and his work on wireless world broadcasting tower.

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  • Comparative study of fertility, spermatogenesis and indicators of prenatal development of offspring male rats when co-administered anti-TB drugs. Introduction preparations containing isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampicin and ethambutol or streptomycin.

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  • The analysis of trade flows and competitiveness in economic transition. Calculation of the share of exports of "dirty" commodities in the global exports. The investigation of manufacturing sector according to the criterion of the intensity of pollution.

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  • The organization of intraspecific behaviour in the rat. Research of general tendencies of pathologic processes and elaboration of their correction methods. Testosterone level in rat blood plasma of different age groups with alternative types of behavior.

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  • Levels of Consciousness and Attention. Directed Neurological Examination. Associated Medical Findings. Bilateral Cortical Dysfunction. Persistent Vegetative State. Death by Brain Criteria. General Management Goals. Central nervous system Dysfunction.

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  • The history of the origin and modern significance of Thanksgiving in American history. Periodization the key stages of the study of the pilgrims in America. Symbolic meaning and traditions of the celebration of the landing of first settlers in USA.

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  • Adaptation of countries to the conditions of world markets in the context of globalization. Formation of national development strategies of the country. Drawing up an annual joint report of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation.

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  • Analysis of the occurrence of specific situations in flight. Consideration of the process of applying the methods of system control surfaces to prevent a catastrophic situation in the transition. The study of active fault tolerant control scheme system.

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  • Oil and natural gas - the key components of the fuel and energy balance of the country. Exports of crude oil - the basis for economic development in general. The tasks aimed at overcoming the shortage of liquid fuel. Meaning of hedgers and speculators.

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  • Investigation of the causes and prevention of the commission of suicide by convicts in penitentiary facilities and pretrial detention centers of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine. Recommendations of international organizations in penal sphere.

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