• The budget process is the way an organization building its budget. Difference from profit making. Budget planning zero-based vs incremental budgeting. Steps in making a budget for a nonprofit organization. Line item budgets and capital budgets.

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  • The urgency of the problem of protecting the atmosphere from stationary emissions in the coming years. The calculation of the hazard categories of energy production. The definition of emissions reduction techniques of gas power plants to the atmosphere.

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  • Offered and analysed of the method of calculating the operating parameters of warping spools and mode of winding. A formula that is obtained allows to define relationship between the parameters of the threads wound on a warping spool and their pull.

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  • Feature reduces development time of the control program for multi-pass processing worms on lathes with CNC (computer numerical control). The development of specialized microprogramme for the combined scheme of cutting cylindrical coils of the worm.

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  • Basic concepts and definitions of philosophy, their meanings and significance. Philosophical interpretation of the data definitions. Directions and especially their use by students in their learning. Appendix of special symbols and logical notation.

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  • The final battle in the Great Patriotic War for Berlin, or Berlin strategic offensive operation. The elimination of the Berlin enemy group in the city itself. Chronology of the battle for Berlin and the scheme of the offensive of Soviet troops.

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  • Definition to term "Noun". Semantical Characteristics of English Nouns. Main features of English nouns. Expressions of natural language. Traditional school grammars. The scope of the semantic differences of the plural forms. The category of number.

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  • The Motors of Stasis and Change: The Regulation of Genetic Stability. The Meaning of human Gene Function: What Does a Gene Do. The concept of a Genetic Program: How to Make an Organism. Limits of Genetic Analysis What Keeps Development on Track.

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  • Assessment of the profitability of business in a market economy. Problems that cause companies selling products below cost. Determining the connection between entrepreneurship and investment and the implementation of the main sources of investments.

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  • General characteristics of globalization in the world. Consideration of the problems of economic inequality, demonstrations with the use of physical force. Search of ways to address the issue of poverty. International economic activities of McDonald's.

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  • Study of the effect of changes in indicators of homeostasis metalloligands (the contents of Zn, Mg, Cu in blood plasma and semen and also the sperm) on the fertility of men exposed to anthropogenically polluted air. Causes of disorders of male fertility.

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  • Thiophene ring closure in pyridine derivatives. Syntheses of tri- and polycyclic systems based on thienopyridines. Pyridine ring closure in thiophene derivatives. Methods for the preparation of thieno[3,2-b]pyridine derivatives and their properties.

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  • Thiophene derivatives, cyclopropenethiones, dithiynes, carbon disulfide in the synthesis of thienothiophenes and their analogues. Reactivity and chemical transformations. Molecular structures and physical properties fields of application thienothiophenes.

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  • Some aspects of sugar-derived heterocycles and their precursors which are utilized as the inhibitors against glycogen phosphorylases and are responsible for the release of mono-glucose from poly-glucose. The quantitative structure-activity relationship.

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  • Development a scheme of chemoimmunotherapy. Study of antitumor and immunomodulatory activity of chemoimmunotherapy regimen using the vaccine based on dendritic cells and low-doses of cisplatin in CBA mice with sarcoma-37. Conditons of healing effects.

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  • Research on the creation of a new parenteral product containing a complex compound of an alkaline earth salt aldonova and alkaline salts of polycarboxylic acid. Determination of pH range for the efficiency of the reaction and stability of the drug.

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  • The history and development of the Church in the United Kingdom. Getting to know the historical overview of Christianity. Characteristics of the Church of England during the reign of Charles II, Mary I, Henry VIII. Features of the era of Puritanism.

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  • The main elements of the human circulatory system. Features of the blood circulation in the body. The structure and operation of the heart. Functions of plasma. The role and position of valves. Determination of blood pressure, the factors affecting it.

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  • The city of London as the historical heart of London, a mostly commercial district dominated by stately buildings and skyscrapers. The most famous sights in the London, his history. Westminster Cathedral as the leading Roman Catholic Church in England.

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  • The similarity and differences between the intellectual approaches to understanding society taken by manuscripts Michel Foucault and Norbert Elias. Key modifications in Foucault's treatment of history, power, and knowledge in his early and later works.

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