• History of the Republic of Tatarstan. Characteristics of the formation of the Islamic movement in the country. The peculiarity of the mouth of the Kama River. The study of natural resources. The political status of the democratic constitutional state.

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  • Several aspects of systems theory. Arithmetic of cardinal numbers. Crises of naive set theory. Constructions of ordinal and cardinal number systems. Growth of the polish school of mathematics. Bellman’s principle of optimality and its generalizations.

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  • Subject and method of statistical science. Elements of probability theory. Random variables and their distribution laws. Fundamental of statistical observation. Grouping, consolidated return and data presentation. Basics of averages statistics method.

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  • General characteristics of the proposal. The definition of a sentence as the basic unit of language that expresses a complete thought. Consideration of the types of sentence. Comparative analysis of structural types of sentences in Ukrainian and English.

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  • The basic cognitive model-image which serves for the generalized description of synergetic mechanism of the genesis of literary genres. Methodological stipulations of the model formation. The principle of synarchic antinomy "unity – multiplicity".

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  • A wireless sensor network of distributed autonomous sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions and to cooperatively pass their data through the network. The analysis of models of wireless sensor network with random access is presented.

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  • Analysis software, which together make up the whole computing system. The essence of the main generations of computers, their features and the existence of time. The use of breeds transistors, integrated and Very Large Scale Integrated circuits.

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  • Research and analysis of the innovative features of the world economy. Stages of development models transfer and commercialization of intellectual property products. Process of transfer and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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  • Features innovative development of the world economy. Formation of transfer models and commercialization of products intellectual property. Analysis of conditions of the transfer process and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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  • Study the theoretical basis of models transfer and commercialization of intellectual property products. Innovative features of the global economy. Terms of the process of transfer and the commercialization of scientific and technical developments.

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  • Familiarity with the historically determined tendencies of development of tax administration, analysis of the stages of Genesis. Feature natito-elitist conception of management. Consideration of the features of the regulatory functions of taxes.

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  • The study of patients with chronic diffuse liver diseases. Changes of endothelial function in humans. Analysis of causes of thyroid homeostasis disorders in the form of reduction of serum free triiodothyronine. Indicator of desquamated endothelial cells.

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  • What is genetic modification? The problems of labeling genetically modified food. Problems facing to cloning. Cloning of the person: arguments in protection. The first genetically modified monkey. The future development of cloning, genetic modification.

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  • The studying of chromosome associations in M1 of pollen mother celles in the hybrids between the lines with each other and with recurrent common wheat genotype Avrora were compared with the data of the line assessment for the morphological markers.

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  • Geographical analysis of higher aquatic flora of Seversky Donets valley was carried out using the classification of types of species areas in the spatial three-dimensional coordinate system. Studying the distinctive features of the investigated flora.

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  • Major States included in the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Thames as the deepest and the most important river. Shipbuilding like one of the chief industries of England. Characteristics of the main chambers are part of the British Parliament.

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  • Great Britain as the biggest island in Europe. Some features of political system of United Kingdom. London as one of the oldest and most interesting cities. The Oxford and Cambridge Universities - the most famous educational centers in the world.

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  • Canada as a country in North America, ranked second in the world by area. The geographical position of the state. Maple leaf is the official symbol of the country. The official opening ceremony of the new flag on Parliament hill in Ottawa, the capital.

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  • Situating Great Britain and Notnern Ireland on British isles. The characteristic forms of political rule Great Britain. Parts and borders of United Kingdom. Geographical characteristics and capitals of England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland.

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  • Geographical location of the Ireland. The consideration of climate in the country. The main religion in the Ireland. Pursuits of English colonization. Lessons of dances are in beerhouses, on large kitchens. Appearance and character of the Irish people.

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