• Les formants les bases de la communication d'entreprise dans les formes orales et crites. Recherche thmatique vocabulaire de mise au point et de clichs, ainsi que le plus important pour une comprhension et de construction de phrases en franсais.

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  • Definition, tense and aspect. Continuous and non-continuous. Perfective — Imperfective Huddelston and Pullum model. Two perspectives of aspect. The relation between the "time referred to" and the "time of situation". Viewpoint, grammatical aspect.

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  • Geographical position of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy. Political structure of the country. The climate of Britain. London is the capital of the UK.

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  • Description of the geographical situation and the state symbols of the Great Britain – country, which situated in the west of Europe and consists of England, Scotland, Wales. The most famous places of Great Britain: Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Admiralty Arch.

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  • Situation of United Kingdom on the group of islands lying just off the mainland of north-western Europe. Information about the area of England, the largest country, is also broken down by region. Characteristics of climate and geology of Great Britain.

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  • The United Kingdom is located on the British islands and it is separated from continental Europe by the North Sea, passages Pas de Calaiss and La Manche. Natural resources and climate characteristics of the country. The economic development of the state.

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  • England as the largest and most densely populated part of the United Kingdom of great Britain. The location and the population of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The system of Government. The main branches of industry and agriculture in the state.

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  • General characteristics and geography of the Great Britain, the structure and elements of its components. Common industries and agriculture, climatic features and natural resources. The history of development of the state, stages and the current state.

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  • The Geographical Position of the United Kingdom. Description of minerals resources, their extraction. The population of the United Kingdom, its structure. The Climate of Great Britain. The Geographical Position of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales.

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  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland. Geographical Position of the British Isles. Britannic history. State structure. The two emblems of English lions. Culture, customs and traditions of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. "Union Jack".

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  • Administrative division and state system of Great Britain. The population and ethnic structure. Historical places of interest, big cities, London - the capital of Great Britain. A geographical position, the nature, relief and climate Northern Ireland.

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  • Sources of finansing Britain. Use of the selected money facilities a monarchy for support of work of its Majesty as a chapter of the state. Annual expenses of taxpayer of Britain on maintenance of Royal family. The phenomenon of the Britain monarchy.

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  • Ways of greeting people and introducing oneself. Greeting phrases in different languages. Greeting rituals in the USA, Britain, Belgium, Japan, China, Albania, Armenia and Russia. Salutation in films. Cheek kissing is a common greeting in many cultures.

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  • Formation of the porous structure of zinc oxide. Morphological properties of anodized films. Methods of diffraction of X-rays and scanning electron microscopy. Analysis of electrochemical anodizing of zinc oxide in electrolyte based on glycerol.

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  • Дослідження властивостей гетеротримерних GTP-зв’язуючих білків та обміну фосфатидилінозитидів при активації М-холінергічних рецепторів серця. Сутність механізму передачі гормонального сигналу від мускаринових рецепторів на ефекторні системи організму.

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  • Общая характеристика деятельности ОАО "Восток", основные финансово-экономические показатели предприятия. Динамика показателей прибыли исследуемой организации. Разработка рекомендаций по повышению качества обслуживания и кадровой политики предприятия.

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