• Определение признаков проявления hellp-синдрома — редкой и опасной патологии в акушерстве. Характеристика причин его развития: иммуносупрессии, аутоиммунная агрессии. Ознакомление с основными факторами риска для возникновения рассматриваемого синдрома.

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  • Патологическое состояние аутоиммунной природы, характеризующееся нарушением равновесия тромбоксан-простациклиновой системы, что приводит к мультисистемной дисфункции. Биохимические "печеночные" тесты. УЗИ-диагностика беременных с HELLP-синдромом.

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  • Понятие, эпидемиология, классификация этиология и патогенез HELLP-синдрома. Клиника, дифференциальная диагностика осложнений тяжелого гестоза, возникающее, как правило, в III триместре беременности. Лечение, профилактика и прогноз лечения гестоза.

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  • Исследование редкой и опасной акушерской патологии III триместра беременности. Классификация HELLP-синдрома. Рассмотрение этиология и патогенеза. Клиническая картина и лабораторная диагностика. Инструментальные исследования и постановка диагноза.

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  • Causes of abnormal bleeding of varying severity in different parts of the body and their causes. Formation hemorrhages in the skin: chronic dermatitis, psoriasis. Types of hemorrhage: hematoma, hemorrhagic impregnation, bruises and their symptoms.

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  • Sketch of the life and work of American poet Hans URS Longfellow. The review of the first collections of poems of the author. Overview of family life and publication of the first Longfellow stamp in Portland. The list of novels and poetry Longfello.

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  • Determination of reasons and consequences of thrombosis of hepatic artery. A review of cases of distribution of жовчовитікання, infections is after transplantation of liver. An estimation of level of haemoglobin, arteriotony is during an operation.

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  • A brief description of the hepatitis virus A. S. Botkin as the first scientist who discovered the hepatitis B virus. Signs, symptoms, prevention and treatment for hepatitis A. Facts about disease. Summary statistics of hepatitis A virus worldwide.

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  • The history of herbal medicine. The used a seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for medicinal purposes. A private practice specializing in complementary and alternative medicine. Manufacture and certifies the labeling of herbal preparations.

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  • Analysis of State Hermitage is a museum of art and culture. Buildings and collections of Hermitage. Egyptian and classical antiques in museum. Jewelry and decorative art. Gallery of Modern Art in the Hermitage. History origins: Catherine’s collection.

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  • The adapted pitch concept involves varying the pitch and the length of the cutting portion as a function of the taper of the instruments. HEROShapers used to prepare and enlarge the coronal and middle thirds of the canal. The removal of dentinal chips.

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  • The characteristics of resource models of the economic cycle, in which it is proved that the hidden resources overuse is the driving force of macroeconomic dynamics. The total efficiency of regulatory policy. Determination of the start of the recession.

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  • Exploring the world of covert communication. Hiding the goods with steganography. The hidden realm of steganography. Products that implement steganography. Sending stego files across a network. Ways by developing your secure communications strategy.

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  • Research of efficiency of a ultrasonic transducer for excitation longitudinal and shear waves on base of yttrium iron garnet thin films. Study of value and the direction of an external magnetic field, geometric sizes of a films, and ultrasound frequency.

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  • Examination flow chart of the proposed construction approach. Characteristic features the integral output of the receiver, which gives a correct detection signal due to other channels, which still operate properly and an optimally set threschold.

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  • Investigation of proinflammatory cytokines in the bone marrow and blood cancer patients. Correlation tumor necrosis factor alpha and the occurrence of disease relapse in patients. Prediction of metastasis and make adjustments in the tactics of therapy.

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  • Research into the physiological mechanisms when exposed to oxygen in the eye lens. Morphological and enzymatic analysis of the activity of enzymes of the epithelium of the iris. Protective agents against the occurrence of oxygen-induced cataracts.

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  • General characteristics of the educational market of Ukraine. Feature of public and private training institutions. Education as a kind of differentiated products. Determination of emporium of instructional services state as monopolistic competition.

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  • Numerous changes in the system of higher education in Montenegro over the past decade. Law on Higher Education. Basic principles of the Bologna Declaration and the European Commission. Issues and problems requiring further reform of the education system.

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  • Визнання поліморфного виду Hippophae rhamnoides L., представленого в різних частинах свого масштабного ареалу екологічними категоріями – кліматипами, популяціями і екотипами. Систематика роду та особливості класифікації роду протягом 1753-2009 років.

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