• The challenges in the management of apical periodontitis associated with primary infected pulps. The host–parasite interaction in apical periodontitis. Root resorption in apical periodontitis. Transformation to periapical cyst in apical periodontitis.

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  • The principles of replantation of teeth for a given process. Changes in the structure and configuration of the teeth after 40 years. Dentoalveolar ankylosis, the causes and conditions of its development. Histological examination of transplanted teeth.

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  • Morphological and functional characteristics and especially of the salivary glands in the newborn. Stages of formation of the segments of the liver in the fetus. The functionality of the liver in young children, the histology of the pancreas in infants.

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  • Influence of the goutweed in the kidney and liver histological structure in mice with alloxan diabetes. Opposition to the development of necrosis and infiltration of protein renal tubules of mice after the administration of the infusion "Arfazetin".

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  • Определение правомерности исторического и ретро-детектива как синонимических понятий. Определение спорных вопросов, связанных с развитием современных жанровых разновидностей детектива. Освещение проблемы в западном и отечественном литературоведении.

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  • Taganrog was the earliest Greek settlement in the Northern-Western Black Sea Region. The first Russian Navy base, Taganrog was founded by Peter I and hosted the Azov Flotilla. City History Museum - one of the oldest museums in the south of Russia.

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  • The history of the emergence and development of America, her ethnic features and the basics. Overview and description of North American States. The geographical position of the USA and the study of its main attractions. Interesting facts about America.

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  • Overview of the most important facts from the history of Great Britain. The most outstanding features of the kings of England and their government. Places connected with royalty. The Queen is the official Head of State, is a symbol of the Unity of nation.

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  • Scotland is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. The capital is Edinburgh. Early history, religion, climate country. Flora and fauna, cultural traditions, Scottish literature, education. The Highland Games, sport, military, national symbols.

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  • A synchronic and diachronic overview of the Germanic languages. The idea that there was contact between immigrating IE-speakers and original non-IE speakers. Striking characteristics of Gothic. Evidence that the Germanic languages form one family.

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  • The first practical school of agriculture in prerevolutionary Russia. One of the first agricultural higher educational institutions. The system of agricultural education in the USSR. The curricula of agricultural vocational-training technical schools.

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  • The Rise of the Modern Game. Rules to speed up play. Attempts to create a professional basketball. Association with the American Basketball Association NBA. Popularity of the game among American sports fans. Improve equipment and skills of athletes.

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  • The queen and the parliament. The British Constitution. The Function of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Commons Members of Parliament. The Make up of the House of Lords. The Comparison Of Two Political Systems: Ukrainian And British Ones.

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  • The papyrus of Edvin Smith's as the first stomatology documents. Historical stages of children's stomatology. Its place among stomatological disciplines. The basic problems of children's stomatology. A role of scientists in discipline development.

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  • Analysis of the historical stages of state formation. Establishment in the United Kingdom a few feudal powers. The invasion of Germanic tribes of Angles on Saxons and Jutes. The most significant of the war England. Characteristics chronology of rulers.

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  • Herbal medicine as the first scientific tradition in medical practice. The earliest surgery in the history of mankind. Hippocrates - the father of medicine. Vesalius and the science of anatomy. A new technique to analyze the internal state of the patient.

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  • Research The History and Profile of MiddleSex plc. through different types of magazines and newspapers, as well some official reports. The restructuring of the company, together with Massoud Alikani. Non-ferrous Metals. MiddleSex - GAZPROM relationship.

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  • Peppermint is a herbaceous perennial plant rhizome grows 30-90 cm in height, with a smooth stalks, square in cross-section. The traditional peppermint of mint against gastro-intestinal disorders, colds and headaches, and with cramps in the muscles.

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  • Studying the most important sources about runic history are ancient texts of scandinavian pagan religion. Comparing scheme of Gothic alphabet and gothic runes. Consideration different slavonic variants of scandinavian runes and anglo-saxon futark.

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  • Communicating over long distances. The Telegraph and commercial Growth of the Telephone. The Emergence of Broadcasting. International Telecommunications Networks. Hand-Held Radio Transceivers. History and development of communications satellites.

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