• Analysis of certain aspects of the functioning of the national system of pension insurance in the context of the social standards of the modern development of the society. Working of a comprehensive and aggregated standard of social pension insurance.

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  • The problem of rising crime in Europe and the struggle against it. Analysis of the effectiveness of imprisonment of convicted persons and the rehabilitation effect of punishment. Description of the standards and principles of European prison services.

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  • Consideration of the ideal state of Plato that influenced on philosophical and political opinion of next epochs. Analysis of studies of philosopher. There is a conclusion that studies about the ideal state it is an irreproachable type of society.

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  • Review principles of administrative law how specific, original category of a particular field of legislation. Formation of modern legal science. Development rule-making and law enforcement. Effective regulation and administrative legislation application.

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  • Analysis of actions or contracts that violate the provisions of the basic principles shall be deemed invalid and shall have international legal responsibility. Research and characterization of features of declaration on principles of international law.

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  • The debatable expert and analytical assessments of the issues of foreign orientations of Ukraine in 2013-2014 have been analyzed. The special attention was paid to materials of foreign policy expertise in the leading general political publications.

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  • Measures of protection of environment on Balkan Peninsula. Decision of ecological problems, generated by pollution. Cooperation between Balkan countries in the sphere of ecology. Development of uniform standards of checking the state of environment.

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  • The process of decodification of legislation about administrative offenses. The guilt of collective subjects, legal persons. The particularity of administrative responsibility for tax offenses. The problem of the legal representative of the legal person.

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  • Аналіз окремих аспектів розробки та запровадження механізмів скорочення викидів в результаті знеліснення та деградації лісів (REDD+), їх ефективності з точки зору захисту світових лісових екосистем. Досягнення сталого розвитку у країнах, що розвиваються.

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  • The problems of development of the legislation of Ukraine in the sphere of domestic violence. Analysis of Ukrainian legislation and international legal acts. Disclosure of the essence of domestic violence, subjects that deal with its prevention.

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  • Position of an advocate. Person who specialized in law. Special role refers to the advocate in every legal state. The role of the lawyer in Poland. Representation of clients in all types of cases, particularly in criminal, civil and corporate law.

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  • An overview of the axiological foundations of the Polish legal order. The role of the lawyer in а explanation of the meaning of legal regulations and rules. The difficulties of translation of legal texts in the layout of a single normative concept.

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  • Consideration of space-related contracts as a new way to meet the demands and the risks resulting from the obligations of different property rights in the civil law system. Determination of the role of legal security structures in a market economy.

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  • Short biography of the teacher and scientific lawyer Semyon Efimovich Desnitsky. The master of arts, doctor's degree in a civil, ecclesiastical law. Teaching at the Moscow University of the Roman right in Russian. Development of the Russian legislation.

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  • Deteriorating economic and social conditions in Israel. Challenging the validity of the primary legislation. Social and economic rights as a result of constitutional revolution of Israel. The main prospects of enacting additional laws in country.

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  • The study of the nature and essence of public-public partnerships in the field of business. Methods management considered a form of realization of the relationship between the state and society. Prospects of development of social entrepreneurship.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The financial system, legal regulation of payment of disability days. The role of the pension fund in the state. The subjects of social insurance against temporary disability. The system of state budget funds in Russia.

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  • Studying of theoretic and constitutional law. General principles of organization of legislative (representative) and executive bodies of state authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation. Questions of federalism and democracy in country.

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  • Literature review highlighting original contribution. A brief summary of the science of tracing cyber attack. The fundamental issue of attribution and the case for the overall control standard. Cyber conflicts and The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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  • Tax law - the codified system of financial legislation that describes government levies on economic transactions. Taxpayers - organizations, persons who are under an obligation to pay charges. Differences in the interpretation of unremovable doubts.

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