• Comprehensive research of legal relations of transport forwarding and contractual design regulating them. Procedure for the implementation or organization of the implementation of the services specified in the contract related to the carriage of goods.

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  • The phenomena of corporate raiding as a quasi-legal method of an acquisition of corporate control. Personal liability for corporate crime. The present state of Russian market for corporate control; the legal regulation and recommendations for improvement.

    дипломная работа (161,0 K)
  • The concept of corruption as a social problem. Reasons of inequalities in the society. Forms of corruption and the scope of its distribution. Methods of corruption: bribery, embezzlement, fraud, extortion, blackmail. Corruption in the Ukrainian society.

    статья (124,6 K)
  • The categories of corruption in the UK and its impact. The prevalence of corruption in the UK and the key concerns. Corruption in key sectors and institutions. Corruption legislation in the UK. US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the Bribery Act.

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  • The court in the institutional system of the European Union in the twenty-first century: the judicial architecture after the Lisbon Treaty. Outside the arena: the forces and interests in the framework of a preliminary order of decision-making procedures.

    магистерская работа (297,7 K)
  • The decision of a significant part of the legal issues in the land sector. Development of the land legislation. Characteristic problems in the area of the land legislation. The main factors which are associated with the problems in land legislation.

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  • Concept customs and its privatization. Red and green channels. World customs organization: history, tools and administration. Instructions for the Federal Customs Service of Russia: organization and management. The plan of its development to 2010.

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  • Экономический способ соединения работника со средствами производства. Цель функционирования экономической системы, структура общества. Стимул трудовой деятельности и способ распределения результатов труда. Процесс купли-продажи объекта собственности.

    эссе (19,0 K)
  • З’ясування переліку та дослідження повноважень суб’єктів, що забезпечують адміністрування протидії незаконного обігу синтетичних наркотичних засобів та психотропних речовин. Усунення протиріч та подальше вдосконалення антинаркотичного законодавства.

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  • Класифікація управлінських технологій та можливості їх застосування в сучасних умовах державотворення. Соціальні технології для певних видів суспільної діяльності та соціальних процесів. Підходи до управління з точки зору менеджерської концепції.

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  • The consolidation of democracy in Eastern European countries in the context of the analysis of post-Communist societies. The role of strengthening the borders of States. Choosing the form of the government and electoral system in transitional societies.

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  • Permanent diplomatic missions - embassies, which are established in other countries. Relations between States as one of the earliest manifestations of international law. Characteristics of some of the privileges and immunities of consular officials.

    контрольная работа (13,9 K)
  • The most efficient economic anti-corruption measures applied in foreign countries. Interdependencies between the country corruption level and the level of economic development as well as between the country corruption and competitiveness levels.

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  • This paper studies the issue of emotional labor in public health care organizations for children in Russia. The presented research aims at defining and examining the main features of emotional labor in public health care institutions in this country.

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  • Civil law as a branch of legal system which regulates property relations based on equality, full autonomy, material independence of their participants. Inadmissibility of arbitrary interference into the sphere of personal life as a legal principles.

    презентация (3,0 M)
  • The obstacles which citizens can face moving from one state to another. The sources of legal regulation of the freedom of movement of workers. The practical steps of EU on the way to improvement of legal basis concerning the exercise of rights of workers.

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  • Analysis of the regulatory and contractual regulation of legal relations for the carriage of passengers. Equality of participants in civil relations. The need to apply imperatives that impose restrictions on the implementation of subjective civil rights.

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  • A conception of the systemic-structural definition of Lithuanian executive authorities. Analysis of legal acts on the basis of which the system of power may be determined. The status of the President of the Republic with regard to the executive power.

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  • Strengthening of the state power in "Kasymkhan's Laws". The property and non-property relations under "Esimkhans's Laws". "Gengis Khan's Yasa"- a source of a common Law. Features of the religious right(Sharia) in Kazakhs. Legal status of an individual.

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  • The essence of the concept "terrorism". Learn about types of terrorism: state, religious, pathological. Counter-terrorism strategy as a tool for enhancing the efforts of the international Association for the fight against terrorism in all activities.

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