• Politics and Its Disavowals. From Politics to Postpolitics. Problem Excessive Violence. For a Leftist Appropriation of the European Legacy. When one says Eurocentrism, enery self-respecting postmodern leftist intellectual has violent a reaction.

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  • Frederic Jameson is by general acclaim the leading Marxist critic in North America. Twelve-tone Philosophy: Another Kind of Writing. Nominalism, and the Eclipse of the Subject. The diagnosis of postmodernism as a new form of positivism is a shrewd one.

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  • The effect of integration policies and programs of the foreign policy of the European Union on the nature of the structural interaction between members. The actual political content of institutional relationships within the EU integration formation.

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  • Characteristic of political terror as source of power in non-democratic countries. Analysis of the data of election monitoring from 1960 to 2014. Elaboration of theoretical model of substitution and complementation of repressions and election fraud.

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  • Сучасні проблеми соціальної сфери та євроінтеграції в наукових дослідженнях вітчизняних і зарубіжних учених. Еволюція європейської політики крізь призму її інституціоналізації. Адаптація соціальної політики України до стандартів Європейського Союзу.

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  • Характеристика сутності соціального захисту населення, принципів його функціонування та рекомендаційних заходів щодо покращення ефективності соціальної політики в Україні. Дослідження проблеми формування й розвитку систем соціального захисту України.

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  • Analysis of the implementation of e-government policy. Review of the positive signs of the development of e-government, and the examples of e-government projects. Identification of problems facing Kazakhstan in the implementation of e-government policy.

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  • Theoretical fundamentals of design and non-design processes in the development of policy spaces. Policy development and Non-design, a comparison of the Russian and European legal education. Description of legal education to policy restrictions in Russia.

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  • Electoral fraud and its determinants. Elections in autocracies: manipulation and fraud. Electoral fraud and its determinants: concepts and measures. Institutional, procedural and structural factors. Correlation between turnout and incumbent’s vote share.

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  • Understanding racism as one of the major challenges facing the political psychology. Stereotype’s concept and aspects of the theory of ethnocentrism. Are positive stereotypes a good thing. The conclusion is that stereotypes are not the cause of racism.

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  • Понятие Эксит-полла как используемая в мировой социологической практике процедура опроса граждан, производимого социологическими службами на выходе из избирательных участков. Основные достоинства и проблемы их методики. Прогнозы результатов голосования.

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  • Preface to the Updated Edition. Levels of Support: Diplomatic, Material, Ideological. Domestic Pressure Groups and their Interests. American Liberalism and Ideological Support for Israel. The Rational Basis for Attacking the Civilian Population.

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  • Analysis of the common European foreign policy: who first? The treacheries of a European identity. Historical roots of a political profile. The reasons of the rejection from Eurocentrism that inspiring of the Kantian hope for a global domestic policy.

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  • Policy's role in the modern state. Rationality and individualism interaction, place of the personality in mass society. Role of democratic structures. Debate theorists and post-structuralists, opposing positions Habermas and Foucault on these issues.

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  • The investigation both social and scientific processes that led to an emergence of a notion "the political" and its establishment as an accepted within the political science. The main attention is devoted to theories by Niklas Luhmann and Ulrich Beck.

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  • The Strategic Functions of Political Discourse Organization. Non-literal Language in Political Discourse. Theoretical approach to euphemisms. Semantic typology of Euphemisms in Political Discourse. Functions of Euphemisms in Barack Obama’s speeches.

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  • Understanding of the main determinants of state building of optimization of ideological phenomenon in contemporary Ukrainian society. Definition of the problem optimize the processes of state-building and building of a qualitatively new Ukrainian state.

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  • Історія виникнення та розвитку "Великої сімки", "Великої вісімки" на міжнародній арені світу, їх характеристика та особливості. Поняття та головні засади міжнародних груп, опис та специфіка їх структури, діяльності. Політичне значення груп для України.

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  • The exploring of the concept of hegemony: the genealogy of a concept, the difficult emergence of a new. Political Logic. Beyond the Positivity of the Social: Antagonisms and Hegemony. Hegemony and Radical Democracy. Features of Russian Social Democracy.

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  • Imperial Grand Strategy. New Normsof International Law. The target of preventive war must have several characteristics. The New Era of Enlightenment. Protecting Naughty Children from Infection. International Terrorism, Regime Change: Cuba, Nicaragua.

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