• Рост инфекционных заболеваний, вызванных различными условно-патогенными микроорганизмами. Klebsiella oxytoca как возбудитель кишечных инфекций: лабораторная диагностика. Антибиотикотерапия при клебсиеллезах. Особенности лечения клебсиеллы у грудничка.

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  • Rationale for the Knowledge-based Economy in Malaysia. Creation of favorable legal base and special economic incentives for the innovative economy. The comparison of Malaysian case with the Russian one. Chinese business and links with overseas Chinese.

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  • About method to optimize the interaction between the existing knowledge in an organization and the system of scientific, technical or economic observation. This is based on phases: strategic projection, gathering information and knowledge creation.

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  • The importance of knowledge-based networks in the internationalisation process of a born global company from a small open economy. The building of a cohesive theoretical framework of "born globals" which is currently lacking in mainstream literature.

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  • Founder Koguryo kingdom King Chumo, or Gojumong, which originally came from the State of Buyeo. The reign of King Taejo. The introduction of Buddhism, and education with the creation of intellectuals Taehak. Consequences of a fall Koguryo kingdom.

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  • Analysis of the economic downturn after the post-war devastation and the Korean War. The main problems of the industrial sector in Korea. Carrying out large-scale economical reforms in the 1980s. Implementation of the restructuring of large companies.

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  • Geographic and socio-economic description of the Krasnodar Territory. Analysis of the level of industrial cooperation between Serbia and Russia. The strengths of agriculture and tourism in the region. A study of trade relations with other countries.

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  • Kerckhoffs'sche Prinzip und die Angriffsarten. Die der strings und perfekte sicherheit. Differentielle und lineare kryptoanalyse. Der erweiterte euklidische algorithmus. Ausblick: mehrfach perfekte systeme. Faktorisierung mit elliptischen Kurven.

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