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  • Founding the company, the names of the founders and first tailoring shirts. Formation of the new brand and the first store Karen Millen. Expansion of chain stores. Interesting facts of Karen Millen. Feature of women's clothing produced by Karen Millen.

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  • Introduction to the history of creation Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company. The definition and characterization basic objectives of this company - provide performance reliability ofthe unified power system ofthe Republic ofKazakhstan.

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  • Early 20th-century Kazakhstan was marked by the rise of the national liberation movement. Formation of the party "Alash" and its policy documents. All-Kazakh congress in Orenburg. Party "Ush Juz" and its activity. Ideological views of intelligentsia.

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  • Stable, focused and forward-looking government policy. Consequences of the Global Financial Crisis for Kazakhstan. Boosted Industrial-Innovative Development Program 2010-2014. State support of investment. Special economic zones operating in Kazakhstan.

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  • Kazakhstan as emerging as the most dynamic economic and political actor in Central Asia. Science, culture, environment and development of Mongolia. Russias Protectorates in Central Asia. Russian Culture in Uzbekistan. Islam in Post-Soviet Central Asia.

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  • Lazer nurining xususiyatlari. Yarimotkazgichli lazerlar va ularning qollanilishi. Yarimotkazgichli lazer nurlanishining parametrlarini olchash. Lazer nurlanishi quvvatining elektr damlash quvvatiga bogliqligini organish. Yarimotkazgichli lazerlar.

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  • The use of Kernel Principal Component Analysis to model data distributions in high-dimensional spaces. Kernel principal component analysis, the KPCA algorithm. The embedded sub-manifold. Constructing non-linear ASMs. Articial statistical shape model.

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  • Decision-making theory, the main purpose, aims, actuality of the graduation paper. The research methods used in the graduation paper. The structure, key definitions, concepts. Simulation modeling, expert forecasting, cognitive modeling, decision tables.

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  • Conceptual framework for analyzing the economic efficiency factors of the road transport sector, including the geographic and socioeconomic. State transport policy as necessary condition for increasing the efficiency of road infrastructure of Kazakhstan.

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  • Analysis of problems hindering the implementation of controlling in the enterprises. The notion of controlling the moment of its creation. Qualification of the controllers, opinion of the managers during the recruitment process of the controlling service.

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  • The current state of the incoherent scattering equipment in the observatory of Institute of Ionosphere for the purpose of showing radar potential. To introduce techniques for the parameters of the ionosphere measurement and ionospheric data processing.

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  • The study of topical issues on the need for highly qualified lawyers in the economic sphere. A description of the key stages in the development of the system of legal economic education on the example of the National law University. Yaroslav The Wise.

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  • Detecting the travelling ionospheric disturbances over Kharkiv with periods of 40 80 min occurring in the time range. The modification frequencies by high power. The relative amplitudes of the travelling ionospheric disturbances in electron density.

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  • Types of the combined mechanisms of simultaneous turning and folding blades, which can be stabilized the frequency of rotation of horizontal-axis wind turbines. Analysis of the dependence of the adjusting movement of the slide from rotation angles.

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  • The kinetic of origin and transformation of the Fe(II)Fe(III) LDH structures on the steel electrodes surface contacting with FeSO4 and Fe2(SO4)3 dispersion medium of the air oxygen into the system was studied. X-ray diffraction method of investigation.

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  • xperimental investigations concerning coefficient of moisture pore diffusion from grain during filtration drying. The coefficient of pore diffusion the model was used basing on the solution of differential equation under boundary conditions of the type.

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  • Schematic diagram of the experimental setup for hydrogenation. Effect of catalyst loading on initial rates of reaction. The use of gas chromatography for the analysis of the reaction. LangmuirHinshelwood-type models for single, dualsite mechanisms.

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  • Study of the land borders of Spain with five countries. Characteristics of the composition of the population of the state. Madrid as a powerful cultural center, in which hundreds of international museums. Major Spanish traditions and couth places.

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