• The problem of the qualifications of insanity of people accused in committing a crime in condition of involuntary processes such as reflexes or automatisms. The international experience and definitions of that processes in different legislative families.

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  • Features of legal value of theoretical and practical training of notaries. Research of development of skills of notaries, their professionalism, stability and financial independence. Measures to reform the current system of advanced training of notaries.

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  • The reformation of a mechanism for economic, legal support of market relations. The necessary institutional changes and processes of reformation of particular economic institutions and important aspects in reformation of the economic and legal mechanism.

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  • Integration of the Ukrainian education system into the European and world educational space and the search for mechanisms for adapting positive foreign experience to modern realities. Necessity and ways of reforming education in the field of pedagogy.

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  • The analysis of scientific works on the problem of professional training of future specialists, which allow to establish the relationship between the professional activity. The problem of training of future specialists of the civil protection service.

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  • Approaches to economic reforms in Ukraine after gaining independence. The reasons for the formation of the oligarchic economy. Ways to overcome, the necessary system of reforms. Development of the education system and the military-industrial complex.

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  • Examine in detail the legal reforms of Peter I, background, characteristics and role in the history of Russia. Widely covered Peter's life, his manners, habits, character, which helps make a lot of conclusions and to understand some of his actions.

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  • Characteristics of the preparation process of secondary medical personnel play an exceptional part in the development of medical service quality and its rationality in Nakhchivan. Improve the training of secondary medical cadres in medical schools.

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  • The systematization of theories about the human world of life, its relation with creative activity, of exceptional importance in the process of human self-development and self-improvement. Theoretical potential of the problem of the living world of man.

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  • Комп’ютерні ігри з літературними сюжетами як зразок взаємодії класики та масової культури. Відеогра "Regency Love" за мотивами романів Д. Остін як літературна основа сюжету комп’ютерної гри. Синтез жанра пригодницької рольової гри і "візуального роману".

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  • Iran's nuclear program as a precondition for political and legal disputes. Assessment of the state's implementation of the Treaty on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The role and importance of diplomacy in solving existing problems in this area.

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  • The regional approach in pedagogical studies and in gifted education. The meaning of concepts "region", "regionality", "regional approach", "regional dimension" in different contexts. The relevance of studying pedagogical problems in regional context.

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  • The developmental teaching like the type of educational practice for primary school students, which is based on the activity approach. Methods of the implementation of the principle of developmental teaching in elementary school of Transcarpathia.

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  • Analyzes the heat supply complex on the example of Lviv region. The ways of diversifying fuel and energy resources of Ukraine. The basic directions of implementing the alternative energy sources. The alternative and renewable energy sources potential.

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  • Problems of regional alignment for economies in transition. Research of features of innovative management of development of establishment of regions. The main analysis of the concept of privatization and denationalization of innovations in Ukraine.

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  • The program of regional development monitoring and control for regionsleaders and outsiders by the level of statistical support of socioeconomic regional development. Evaluation of statistical support of social and economic potential of the regions.

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  • Acquaintance with keynesian doctrine preferring full employment, regulation of aggregate demand, support of economic growth or priority of fiscal instruments over monetary ones. Research and characteristics of situation in Central and Eastern Europe.

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  • Consideration the main problems of the Russian economy, causing the hard way its integration into the global economy. Assess the integration impact on the economy Russian regions development. The Customs Union and Unified Economic space formation.

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  • American English is one of the version of English pronunciation in the USA. Characteristic features of American English. General American dialect, its the main characteristics. Differences in American and English Vocabulary, Pronunciation and Spelling.

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  • The value of goal-oriented planning for economic and social tasks at a territorial level. The questions of the state financial control. The conceptions of public audit substantiated with respect to the control of the regional goal-oriented programs.

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