• The results of screening evaluation of umbilical cord blood samples from the donors, included in the public registry of the Pokrovsky stem cells bank, for identification of the homozygous CCR5 delta32 polymorphism carriers and their following HLA typing.

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  • Consideration of the scientific and theoretical prerequisites for the formation of secondary linguistic consciousness. Modeling of personality and linguistic personality on the material of a literary text. Personality in the linguistic environment.

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  • The results of E. Rutherford's scientific work with J.J. Thomson on the conductive effects of x-rays on gases at Cambridge. History of development of scintillation screens of zinc sulfide, ionization chambers for alpha calculation by these scientists.

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  • Clarification of the limits of administrative and legal provision of expert activity in Ukraine on the basis of the theory of administrative law, the theory of criminology, the theory of expertology, research by scientists and current legislation.

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  • Significance of expertise in society. Principles of expert activity. Clarification of the sphere of administrative and expert activity based on the theory of administrative law, the theory of criminology, the theory of expertise and current legislation.

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  • Анализ, планирование и проектирование цепей поставок. Популярные современные управленческие концепции. Сочетание принципа неразрывности товарного и информационного потоков одновременно с функциональной интеграцией как общая идеология SCOR-модели.

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  • The geographical location and history of Scotland base. The capital and population of Scotland. Its state symbols, political and legal system, national currency. Scottish education system and religion. The climate, flora and fauna of the country.

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  • Results of a study on the use of the Scots language in contemporary prose and poetry. Revealing the functions of text fragments written in English. Critical reviews and reader comments on social media. Awakening of national identity of the population.

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  • Geometry, FE analys, optimization, mechanisms, plastics and MSC/ARIES positioning for design detail. Full function ACIS based modeler, constraints, region operator to sub-divide geometry. Pre release solids shelling, per face (uniform) thickness control.

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  • The theory of powers of Warburton. The Essai on language using of rhetorical schemes in the interpretation of writing, its history, and its varying and unvarying features, in the genesis of idolatry oneirocritical knowledge. A general system of writings.

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  • Опис місця знаходження Scrophularia vernalis на території Канівського природного заповідника і його фітоценогенетична характеристика. Аналіз та узагальнення результатів спостережень за морфометричними характеристика і особливостями репродукції виду.

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  • Понятие Scrum и Kanban. Сильные и слабые стороны при создании нового информационно-технологического продукта. Использование описываемых инструментов как порознь, так и в сочетании друг с другом, для улучшения процесса разработки программного обеспечения.

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  • Влияние информационно-аналитической поддержки по управлению банком на показатели финансовой устойчивости на примере Scrum метода. Оздоровительные меры повышения уровня финансовой устойчивости банковского сектора в Северо-Кавказском Федеральном округе.

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  • Сферы бизнеса, для которых характерны короткие периоды разработки и вывода нового продукта на рынок. Методика Scrum как решение, найденное Д. Сазерлендом, чтобы преодолеть классические недостатки управления проектами. Основные принципы тайм-менеджмента.

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  • Scrum как одна из самых популярных методологий гибкой разработки, ее принципы используемые приемы, управление, оценка роли и значение на сегодня. История разработок и развития данной технологии, оценка ее главных преимуществ и недостатков, перспективы.

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  • Основное программное обеспечение для проектирования информационных кабельных сетей. Использование приложения SchematiCS в проектной деятельности, преимущества и функции системы. Основные инструменты программы для создания схем и библиотек данных.

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  • Description of changes in British sculpture from the XIX century. Examples of of outstanding works by famous authors in different years. Analysis of the compositions of the memorial Gilbert. America as the centre for the production and criticism of art.

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  • The results of excavations of two Scythian barrows - barrows 5 and 6 of the "Garden" group near the village. Clay Slobodzeya region of the Lower Dniester. Thracian influence on the material culture of the Scythians of the North-Western Black Sea region.

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  • The objects of Scythian origin in the territory of Serbia, which show the cultural contacts. Weapons, arrowheads, bits and horse harness of Scythian origin from burials. Burial mounds of the Early Iron Age in the areas of Atenica, Pilatovici and Romaja.

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  • Seafood - any form of sea life regarded as food by humans. History of eating fish and shellfish. Omega-3 fats as the natural anti-oxidants. Fresh and dried fish - a staple food for much of the population. Ingredients for to directions the crab cakes.

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  • Analysis of the current stage of BRI implementation in the world port industry. Study of attempts to strengthen China's influence on national port facilities. Consideration of positive and negative aspects of China's cooperation with EU countries.

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  • The research paper aims to develop an Search Engine Optimization for commercial site. The paper considers a model of analysis of Search Engine Optimization examples for competing sites. The level of relevance of Search Engine Optimization is determined.

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  • The searching for a new paradigm in the education system in the era of artificial intelligence and digital technologies, the transition to the VI economic order. А list of new competencies of the 21st century. Аnalysis of challenges to the education.

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  • A simple model, search intensity. On-the-job wage changes. Random search and bargaining: the matching function, job creation. A one-shot and a dynamic model. Homogeneous and heterogeneous agents. Models of wage dispersion, the equilibria efficient.

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  • The Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH): A Biological Argument. The Neurological Perspective: The Brian Plasticity Hypothesis, Lateralization. The Critical Period in Second Language Acquisition. The Cognitive Perspective. Interference between languages.

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  • Experimental measurement of second- and third-order scattering spectra in bulk nanocrystals embedded in glass. Determination of the ratio of the intensities of multiphonon bands in spectra. Analysis of the electron-phonon interaction in bulk crystals.

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  • Current trends in the transformation of the general secondary education system of Ukraine and France. Introduction of child-centeredness in teaching - orientation to the needs of the student. Deepening of general education and professional training.

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  • Different causes of sound interchange in Modern English. Speak about the secondary ways of word-building and explain the essence of: sound interchange, stress interchange; sound imitation, blends and semantic changes. A transfer of the meaning.

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  • The increase secretory activity of mast cells in the mesentery and subcutaneous fat of rats. Intraperitoneal injection of Semax and prolyl-glycyl-proline. Secretory activity of mast cells in unstressed animals. The stabilizing effect of peptides.

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  • The Civil war was a result of series of events. Southern region was in favor of slavery whereas North was antislavery. Though there were other factors as well but slavery was the main factor in increasing the sectional conflicts between the two regions.

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