• Analysis of the problem of the church (Russian Orthodoxy) as an institution that performs values and patterns of behavior in the secular context of their occurrence, built by people around God. Forming Orthodoxy the vision of the social world, mentality.

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  • Types of national identity that can lead to possible tension between people and hinder the further development of the territories of Ukraine. The impact of the situation and developments in Ukraine and their impact on international politics and stability.

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  • Studying the problems of formation and implementation of state social policy. Analysis of socio-economic problems of the Ukrainian state. Tasks and functions of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine as the main subject of the country's social policy.

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  • The social innovations as basic instrument of upgrading life of population of regions. The blended value proposition: integrating social and financial returns. Sotsialne pidpryiemnycztvo: osnovni idei. Economic activity of population of Ukraine.

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  • Overview of the concepts of social justice. Nature, essence, content of social justice, a specific historical and cultural manifestation. Correlation of socio-philosophical doctrines. Interrelation of social reality with the development of society.

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  • Clarification of the need for social responsibility of business in the context of the global economic crisis. The essence of social responsibility of enterprises, the existing theories of social responsibility and its international standards are analyzed.

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  • The evolution of nature, value and role of social innovations for sustainable development is investigated. The institutional framework of social innovations is analyzed. Determination the reasons the introduction of corporate social responsibility.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. Pension insurance as a type of retirement plan, means of ensuring that elderly or disabled continue to receive financial benefits. Health insurance, unemployment insurance, worker’s compensation, accident insurance.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The financial system, legal regulation of payment of disability days. The role of the pension fund in the state. The subjects of social insurance against temporary disability. The system of state budget funds in Russia.

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  • The concept of social insurance and its main types. The program through which disabled and retired beneficiaries receive their income. Features of unemployment insurance. Compensation program to the employee after the injury. Insurance group accident.

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  • The meaning of social insurance. The programs through which disabled and retired beneficiaries earn their income. Programs levels of medicare, which affect the types of benefits received by the beneficiaries. The unemployment insurance program.

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  • Characteristic of the main types of social letters in English. Examples of formal and informal apology letters. Examples of congratulations. Examples of formal and informal invitation letters. Characteristic of the rules of writing letters in English.

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  • The denotation of the words "social media" and their characteristics. Electronic bulletin boards were the first type of website. The application of marketing knowledge, concepts, and techniques to enhance social. Social media makes many for business.

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  • History of Saudi Arabian Higher Education and Internet. Electronic Social Networks (ESNs) and Corporate Social Networks (CESNs). Supporting Concept, Social media technologies and Sites - Ideals for Education. Numerical Analysis of the Questionnaire.

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  • Subject of cross-cultural psychology. The ethical problems of data collection. Ethnocentric or egocentric perception. The differences of cross-cultural psychology and cultural psychology. The psychological implications of intercultural communication.

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  • Definition of corporate social responsibility. Analysis of the concept of sustainable development in tourism. Overview of the issues of corporate social responsibility in the tourism industry. Examples of socially responsible actions in the tourism.

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  • The elements of mechanism of social responsibility of business. Basic stimuli that will assist the social orientation of entrepreneurial activity. The main directions that will lead to more efficient mechanism of social responsibility of business.

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  • Problems of social responsibility of politicians for economic processes in Ukraine. The predominance of clan interests of oligarchic structures over political expediency, influence on the value-normative content of social responsibility of politicians.

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  • The analysis of social risks as a result of the implementation of European approaches to social policy. The unjustified maintenance of a system of privileges for certain categories of citizens. Increasing government spending on social support programs.

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  • Conducting of culturological parallels between the traumatic phenomena in today’s Ukraine and "Ivan Franko period" with particular attention to the high level of solidarity attained during both periods. Social solidarity is the result of group traumas.

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