• The study of dynamic processes in an asynchronous machine. Changes in the ohmic resistance of windings and the energy characteristics of the entire car. Analysis of the unsaturation of the main magnetic flux path and the absence of damping circuits.

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  • The scalar model of the gluon condensate, in which bubbles are formed - glue balls. The mass of the known hadrons and as nuclei exited states are described with the acceptable accuracy by the integral of the condensate density in terms of the glueball.

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  • Chemical and mechanical processes of the buried concrete elements breakage, filtration through the damaged concrete into enclosing soil. Reconstruction of hydraulic objects in the mine Colliery Group "Pokrovskoye". Fragment of the finite-element scheme.

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  • The emergence stages of deformation and strain of concrete at loading over the entire height section. Taking into account previous stresses in the armature, which are at the phase of making. Destruction of columns and determine their carrying capacity.

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  • The use of any mobile or wireless device for learning on the move. Mobile learning systems. Mobile learning, as a novel educational approach. Canceling the time, place, age, gender, or member of a specific group to participate in learning opportunities.

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  • Development of a new approach to the simultaneous determination of two reducing agents, which is based on the dependence of the rate of their reaction. Automation of the method using a typical device of the method of sequential injection analysis.

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  • A technique for singular value decomposition of blocks of a cover matrix. Possible results of singular value decomposition operation. Mean values of separatenesses belonging to blocks singular values, received as a result of computing experiment.

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  • Каталітична активність та поверхневі властивості нанесених на силікагель оксидних каталізаторів Cu—Co—Fe реакції окиснення СО. Термодесорбційні дослідження впливу на активність оксидних каталізаторів кількості низькотемпературної альфа-3-форми СО2.

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  • Participation in the competition Tenniel design wall decoration of the new Palace of Westminster. Mural in the Upper Hall of the expectations in the House of Lords. Illustrating the book "Alice in Wonderland" and the subsequent editions of Lewis Carroll.

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  • Приналежність ресурсу site.ua до альтернативних медій за критерієм концептуалізації ворога. Реалізація критерію толерантності лексем на номінативи та дескриптиви. Розподіл виявів образу ворога за бінарними концептами комунікації в опозиції "свій-чужий".

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  • Детермінування приналежності інтернет-ресурсу site.ua до альтернативних медій за критерієм концептуалізації ворога. Здійснення розподілу виокремлених виявів образу ворога за бінарними концептами комунікації в опозиції "свій-чужий"; виявлення лексем.

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  • The state participation in the financial sector. On example of the Russian banking industry to suggest criteria for a more accurate definition of public sector boundaries and an assessment of the scale of state presence in the national banking market.

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  • Introduction to geographical location, climatic conditions, the state structure and population of New Zealand. The main cities (Southland, Harihari, Canterbury, Queenstown, Auckland) and islands of New Zealand. Unique flora and fauna of the country.

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  • Ski jumping as part of the winter Olympics. Olaf Rye - first known ski jumper. The country, occupying a leading position in this sport. The study of the technical features of the Ski jumping. Ski Flying and Water ski jumping is an version of ski jumping.

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  • Slam as an art form, a poetic battle and play at the same time. The role of slam in the urban culture of the United States, the history of its origin and the reasons for the popularity in this country. The direction and the features of the poetry slam.

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  • Exploring slang in general and its usage in the fiction, exactly in the work "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger. Using slang for expressing thoughts and desires. The interpretation of slang words, its using in modern language and its new context.

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  • Slang as one of the most interesting phenomena of modern linguistic science. History of animation and characteristic of modern cartoons. Some examples of different types of abbreviations, acronyms and the truncated forms of an English-speaking slang.

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  • Characteristics huge potential objects of different cultural origins Slovakia. Feature demand in developed tourism country. The role of history, culture and art of planning a vacation. The main analysis of monuments and artistic heritage of the state.

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  • In recent years experienced sustained economic development and stability has allowed the country to some extent to recover from consequences of collapse of the Soviet Union and the civil war in Tajikistan. Reflected development indicators of the sector.

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  • The concept and the essence of entrepreneurship. Overview of the functions and conditions of small business. The study of his subjects and forms. Characteristic of the rights and duties of entrepreneurs. The state support and regulation of business.

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