• The innovative "learning by doing" approach to education centered on situational learning with a special reference to scenario-based business studies. The origin of this method. Study of its application in the international trade practice course.

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  • Technological and institutional modernization of russian economic. Economy, business and "the main instrument of power". The findings of the games in the modernization of economic. Natural state, the order of open access and democracy in Russia.

    книга (980,1 K)
  • Scientific and methodical approach to coordinate the interests of different groups in forming cooperative alliances of levels of the hierarchy. Identification of scenarios of socio-economic and spatial development taking into account risk factors.

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  • Effective forecasting of the economy - one of the most urgent scientific, political and social problems. Presenting several scenarios of forecasts considering different changes in separate parameters like the crucial functions of economic modeling.

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  • The appearance in beasts of a decrease in the yield of milk, watery diarrhea and increased body temperature. Identification of the causative agent as a new virus. The main seroprevalence of viral infections of Schmallenberg in domestic ruminant animals.

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  • Research of the scientific activity of Polish humanities scientists. Contribution of Polish researchers to Russian science, creation and development of humanitarian university scientific schools. Publication of translated works, subject of Ancient Greece.

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  • Assessment of the level of school and after-school physical activity of children living in rural areas at an early stage of their education. Popular physical activity among children: games and ball games and other equipment, running, gymnastics, games.

    статья (335,2 K)
  • Disturbance in the emotional and personal sphere of children with speech disorders. Attitudes of teachers to students. Inappropriate peerrelations to children with communication difficulty. Poor school performance among children with speech disorders.

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  • The problem of the spatial distribution of schools in the context of regional development. Analysis of the factors placing schools (PS) as the productive forces of the region. Social unacceptability of the cost approach to redesign of the system of PS.

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  • The analysis of school reality and its components such as school climate and culture, their importance for the educational process. Positive climate and school culture as the factors protecting against risky behaviours of children and adolescents.

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  • The analysis of collocations with the lemma SCHOOL in The Guardian and The New York Times issues published in 2020 and 2021. The analysis shows that the broadsheets reveal different aspects connected with school functioning during pandemic time.

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  • The level of responsibility of the teacher - the coordinator of the prevention of a healthy lifestyle and health promotion largely depends on his attitude to drugs and health as such, on his professional knowledge and ability to apply them in practice.

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  • The responsibility of a teacher - the coordinator of the prevention of a healthy lifestyle and strengthening the health of students. Conducting regional and local preventive measures in the fight against drug addiction. Family problems and school crisis.

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  • Features of development of school psychological service in the XX-the beginning of the XXI century. The role of Pedology in creating the methodological framework of the school of psycho-diagnostics. Development of school psychological service in Ukraine.

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  • Study of the formation and development of the school theater in Ukraine in the XVII-XVIII as a separate pedagogical problem. Research and characterization of features of the school theaters of fraternal, Protestant and Jesuit educational institutions.

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  • The main features of the technical education of England, its strengths. The policy and practice of the government and local authorities as related to technical education for young people. Two important dynamics followed the adoption of Education Act 1870.

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  • Science communication and visualization of visual narratives, like a comic book, for the enlightenment of the presentation of scientific works Propose a three-river characteristic of the interplay of comic book culture and science in a diachronic aspect.

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  • Problems of development of science and education Belarus after disintegration of the Soviet Union. Modern activity of National academy of Sciences of Belarus, its role, value and functions. Important achievements of schools of sciences in various areas.

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  • Изучение философско-поэтических вариаций на тему изгнания. Особенности экзистенциального бытия человека-изгнанника. Интерпретация изгнания в смысловых модусах и утверждение в качестве условия, способствующего выходу в особое экзистенциальное измерение.

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  • The development of science and high technology as the most realistic way for the country to take a worthy place among the developed countries of the world. Definition of the fundamental foundations of economic and military security of the state.

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  • The essence of the natural and technical sciences of Britain. Creation of electric telegraph, incandescent lamp and telephone. The study of the kingdom of Isambara Brunel. An analysis of the teachings of Charles Darwin, William Osetrin and Rowland Hill.

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  • Modern culture is characterized by an intensive search for innovative styles and images that reflect the surrounding reality. The article analyzes of the development of the modern Science-Art movement through the prism of metamodernism tendencies.

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  • Peculiarities of the concept of metamodernism in the context of new artistic sensibility, characteristic of modern art trends that do not correspond to the aesthetics of postmodernism. Analysis of the transformation of reality into media reality.

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  • Рассмотрены цивилизационные вызовы настоящего и ближайшего будущего, приводящие к смене жизненного уклада и господствующего формата мышления. Проблема единства наук и искусств (Science-Art) в контекст этих вызовов и позиционирована как способ ответа.

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  • Обзор становления и 150-летнего развития международного исследовательского университета Paris Institute of Political Science. Выделение критериев периодизации и анализ этапов развития образовательной и научно-исследовательской деятельности Sciences Po.

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  • Доцільність застосування понятійно-категоріального апарату наук природничого циклу. Визначення поняття "осмос" і "тургор" у сфері природничих дисциплін і в гуманітаристиці, їх можлива органічність в аналізі постмодерністського літературного дискурсу.

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  • Преодоление противопоставления наук о природе и человеке. Демонстрация потенциала гуманитарных концептов с помощью результатов исследований психофизиологии мозга. "Конвергенция" гуманитарного и естественно-научного знания в технологических применениях.

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  • Анализ sciense art как актуального направления в искусстве, которое возникает как результат различного рода взаимодействий искусства и науки, с использованием современных технологических разработок. Уровни воздействия науки на создание объекта искусства.

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  • The contribution of Professor I.M. Yeremeiev to the development of domestic science. He entered the history of selection as the leading co-author of winter wheat "Ukrainian 0246", which is the pride of domestic selection and a calling card of Ukraine.

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  • Educational and scientific cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania during the war covers the most vulnerable areas: peculiarities of children and youth adaptation to the educational process in Lithuania, psychological assistance, inclusive education.

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