• The geographical location and history of Scotland base. The capital and population of Scotland. Its state symbols, political and legal system, national currency. Scottish education system and religion. The climate, flora and fauna of the country.

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  • Geometry, FE analys, optimization, mechanisms, plastics and MSC/ARIES positioning for design detail. Full function ACIS based modeler, constraints, region operator to sub-divide geometry. Pre release solids shelling, per face (uniform) thickness control.

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  • The theory of powers of Warburton. The Essai on language using of rhetorical schemes in the interpretation of writing, its history, and its varying and unvarying features, in the genesis of idolatry oneirocritical knowledge. A general system of writings.

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  • Опис місця знаходження Scrophularia vernalis на території Канівського природного заповідника і його фітоценогенетична характеристика. Аналіз та узагальнення результатів спостережень за морфометричними характеристика і особливостями репродукції виду.

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  • Понятие Scrum и Kanban. Сильные и слабые стороны при создании нового информационно-технологического продукта. Использование описываемых инструментов как порознь, так и в сочетании друг с другом, для улучшения процесса разработки программного обеспечения.

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  • Scrum как одна из самых популярных методологий гибкой разработки, ее принципы используемые приемы, управление, оценка роли и значение на сегодня. История разработок и развития данной технологии, оценка ее главных преимуществ и недостатков, перспективы.

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  • Основное программное обеспечение для проектирования информационных кабельных сетей. Использование приложения SchematiCS в проектной деятельности, преимущества и функции системы. Основные инструменты программы для создания схем и библиотек данных.

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  • Description of changes in British sculpture from the XIX century. Examples of of outstanding works by famous authors in different years. Analysis of the compositions of the memorial Gilbert. America as the centre for the production and criticism of art.

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  • A simple model, search intensity. On-the-job wage changes. Random search and bargaining: the matching function, job creation. A one-shot and a dynamic model. Homogeneous and heterogeneous agents. Models of wage dispersion, the equilibria efficient.

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  • The Critical Period Hypothesis (CPH): A Biological Argument. The Neurological Perspective: The Brian Plasticity Hypothesis, Lateralization. The Critical Period in Second Language Acquisition. The Cognitive Perspective. Interference between languages.

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  • Experimental measurement of second- and third-order scattering spectra in bulk nanocrystals embedded in glass. Determination of the ratio of the intensities of multiphonon bands in spectra. Analysis of the electron-phonon interaction in bulk crystals.

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  • Different causes of sound interchange in Modern English. Speak about the secondary ways of word-building and explain the essence of: sound interchange, stress interchange; sound imitation, blends and semantic changes. A transfer of the meaning.

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  • The increase secretory activity of mast cells in the mesentery and subcutaneous fat of rats. Intraperitoneal injection of Semax and prolyl-glycyl-proline. Secretory activity of mast cells in unstressed animals. The stabilizing effect of peptides.

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  • The Civil war was a result of series of events. Southern region was in favor of slavery whereas North was antislavery. Though there were other factors as well but slavery was the main factor in increasing the sectional conflicts between the two regions.

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  • A General idea on the basis of information contained in cryptographic systems. Feature encryption standard "Rijndael". The principles of encoding data with a public key algorithm RSA. Safety standards models of information flow in computer programs.

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  • Consideration of space-related contracts as a new way to meet the demands and the risks resulting from the obligations of different property rights in the civil law system. Determination of the role of legal security structures in a market economy.

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  • Determination of the main causes underlying the Kurdish issue. Consideration of both internal and regional transformations, such as the Arab uprisings, changed the foreign policy perspective of Ankara. Evaluation of the security policy of Turkey.

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  • Особенность настройки и администрирования операционной системы Linux. Важнейшие концепции структуры безопасности программы. Компилирование и загрузка целевой политики. Анализ идентификатора пользователя и группы. Выбор дистрибутива и создание демона.

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  • Study of canola in vitro seedling growth. Analysis physiological and biochemical parameters of canola seedlings after interferon alpha imbibition. Measurement of germination, seedling fresh weight, total soluble protein, and superoxide dismutase activity.

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  • Addiction: definition and classifications. А particular group of symptoms which are common for addiction. The Internet as an opportunity and a threat. The problem of addiction to computer and Internet. Prevention of Internet addiction.

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