• The formal paper communications between businesses. A sending a professional correspondence through the Post Office or by courier. Consideration of the basic rules of writing a business letter. The studying examples of senders and recipients in English.

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  • The role of the concept of the business model in strategic management. The identification of key components of business models, and using them as a classification attribute. A new approach that describes the types of business models existing in practice.

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  • Measuring, managing economic activity not only in the private, but also in the public sector. Methodology for assessing the performance of a municipal company, taking into account the specifics of enterprises that provide public services to the public.

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  • Developing a business plan for opening creperie "Tsarskaya" in the center of New York to the Russian diaspora. Analysis of the market and competitors. Developing a marketing plan. SWOT-analysis of the projected places. The assessment of possible risks.

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  • Analysis of business plan structure of language club. Analysis of Legal and juridical aspects based on the law system of the Russian Federation. Study of financial aspects of the club’s work and risk management. Evaluation of strategic firm’s development.

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  • Night club as a public institution, operating normally after 21:00, is intended for the free pastime people. Key recommendations by geographical choice of entertainment. The professionalism of the administrator as the main success of the entertainment.

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  • Information system research in historic perspective. Research scope on digital transformation. Depicting countries for software trade comparison analysis. Digital transformation conditions in Russia. Japanese school in information system research field.

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  • Business statistics, mathematics, probability, models, and the real world. The use of statistics in business. Two ways of being wrong. Three Types of Probability. Counting possible outcomes: the rule of insufficient reason for classical probability.

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  • The rise of corporate social responsibility and globalisation of business. Analysis partnerships aimed at of sustainable development, with a focus on NGOs and the corporate sector in Serbia. Recommendations for creating a partnership-enabling environment.

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  • Сделки как акты осознанных, целенаправленных действий физических и юридических лиц, совершая которые они стремятся к достижению определенных правовых последствий. Односторонние, двусторонние и многосторонние сделки. Сделки, совершенные под условием.

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  • Методы регулирования фрикционных свойств пар трения. Исследование износостойкости и фрикционных свойств покрытий. Технологический процесс нанесения покрытий. Измерение шероховатости образцов. Экспериментальные исследования фрикционных свойств покрытий.

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