• Description of the childhood and adolescence of P.I. Tchaikovsky. A student musician in law school and Conservatory. Teaching activity and the first chamber works by Tchaikovsky. The most popular operas, ballets and chamber works of the composer.

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  • Vincent Willem van Gogh - dutch painter and postimpressionist. A tremendous impact his artistic legacy on French painting. The artist's works in museums around the world. Still life landscape and history painting. Artistic breakthrough and final years.

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  • The NCBI Data Model. Submitting DNA Sequences to the Databases. Genomic Mapping and Mapping Databases. Information Retrieval from Biological Databases. Creation and Analysis of Protein Multiple Sequence Alignments. Sequence Assembly, Finishing Methods.

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  • Assigning water body (from which plankton sample was taken) to given saprobic zone. Focuses on possibility to use biota for monitoring of environment quality. Analysis and examine fields of view and counting individuals representing particular species.

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  • Methods for assessing biological assets is somewhat problematic: lack of active market prices of similar assets on a certain date to determine fair value, providing of documents and recording of biological assets which are transferred from group to group.

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  • The study of the action of chlorella resinoids on the culture of ciliates Paramecium caudatum. Studies have shown that after adding of resinoids of chlorella Paramecium caudatum the culture was mainly located in the entire thickness, on medium surface.

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  • Biology as one of the natural sciences, the subject of which are living beings and their interaction with the environment. The work of the biologist. Breeders, geneticists, virologists and microbiologists. Personal qualities, professional skills, career.

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  • Analysis of the results of studies on selecting the optimal basis of an ointment for the treatment of infectious and allergic diseases of the skin and of the wound process in the second stage. Evaluation of the osmotic activity of the emulsion base.

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  • Комплекс Bioplasma, состоящий из морских водорослей, экстракта оливковых листьев и азелаиновой кислоты. Основные характеристики геля Алжир. Удерживание влаги в поверхностных слоях кожи. Увлажнение и повышение упругости кожи. Создание гиалуроновой кислоты.

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  • The study of physico-chemical properties of modified forms of natural biopolymers – carboxymethyl cellulose and xanthan gums, their ability to film formation water-soluble polymeric compositions and the influence on growth and productivity of crops.

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  • Bios как набор микросхем постоянной памяти, расположенных на материнской плате. Загрузка операционной системы. Простейший драйвер, конфигурирование оборудования. Раздел main, аdvanced, cache memory, security. Описание настроек Phoenix Award bios 6.0.

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  • The aim of the presented study is gathering information on the educational opportunities and the current level of awareness on Biosafety, Biosecurity and "Dual-use" in the Ukrainian universities. Special questionnaire for interviewing of participants.

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  • The environmental pollution as a phenomenon of great concern worldwide. Industrial wastewater samples. Biosorption experimental procedure. System design laboratory. Chemical and physical measurements. The efficiency of laboratory design, main results.

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  • Researching of the impact of biotoxines on humans and living organisms at all. Analysis of the results of the study of the inhibiting effect of Dibornol on the processes of lipid peroxidation. Defining of chemical substances that referred to as poison.

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  • The concept and essence of "bird-watching" as a component of ecotourism. Analysis of demographic and economic characteristics of bird-watching in the United States. Distribution of tourist spending "bird-watching" in various sectors of the economy.

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  • Description of the mathematical model of the distribution of the forces acting on a long balloon. An analytical scheme for solving the problem of changing the volume over time, constructed a function with the analysis of three aspects of transition.

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  • A new approach to computer security. Building a unified binary analysis platform and using it to provide novel solutions. Providing an extensible architecture. Combining static and dynamic analysis in program. Properties from binary programs BitBlaze.

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  • Определение BLAST как средства сравнения последовательностей, характеристика его этапов. Определение понятий "парное выравнивание последовательностей", "гомологи", "ортологи", "паралоги". Примеры поиска по последовательностям белков и нуклеиновых кислот.

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  • Blended learning as a flexible form, which helps students to seek solutions to problems and to acquire knowledge. As well as perspective step from training in the form of traditional lectures, practical lessons and seminars to interactive learning.

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  • Reported from a basic introduction to block cipher design and analysis. The tiny encryption algorithm. The study a concepts and design principles of block ciphers. Notation some binary operations of addition. Modern block cipher cryptanalysis methods.

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